WARMINSTER -- Township supervisors once again revised the 2020 municipal budget at the board meeting Feb 6.

The changes lowered the general fund millage from 19 to 14, an action that now will not require the township to receive a court approval.

The new millage rates are as follows: general fund: 14 mills, fire department, 1.5 mills, ambulance fund .19, parks and recreation fund 3.5 mills, library fund 1.85 mills, debt service fund 2.02. Total millage for 2020 budget is now 23.06 mills.

Township manager Gregg Schuster said the annual trash collection fee will remain unchanged at $440 per year and $385 for seniors over the age of 62.

The millage change vote came as four-to-one with supervisor Mark McKee dissenting.

Township resident Mike Farris, questioned the action in regards to the township's financial future.

“I'm not against lowering my taxes, but we're dropping from 19 to 14 mills, that's $1.6 million,” he said, wondering how deeper in debt the municipality will go after this year.

“I'm not sure where this money is going to come from,” he said.

The previous board of supervisors, three of whom were replaced by new board members, approved a 2020 budget in December. The reorganized 2020 board, now led by Chairman Kenneth Hayes, reopened 2020 budget as one of the first orders of business in January. The board then changed the overall mills and structure of the budget before approving it at the end of last month.

The main change entailed not going forward with the sale of the township's water and sewer authority, a move that would have brought a possible $86 million to the township budget. The decision not to sell the authority led to the significant tax increases.

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