PHILADELPHIA — The 2020 Census is coming - and it's bringing jobs with it. 

Adam Geibel, recruiting boss for the U.S. Census Bureau, Philadelphia region, notes that the pay rate for census workers in Philadelphia County has recently been raised, in some cases up to $28 per hour.

Colleen Brazil, the census Recruiting Assistant for Northwest Philadelphia, will be at the following area libraries to answer questions or assist interested parties in filling out their applications.

2020 Census Events: Andorra Library (Cathedral Road and Ridge Avenue) – Throughout January 2020, every Thursday from 4.30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Roxborough Library (6245 Ridge Avenue), Jan. 7 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Among the positions the census is looking to fill are recruiting assistant, census field supervisor, office operations supervisor, enumerator and clerk.

Hourly pay rates run from $17 to $28 an hour.

For more information about available jobs or assitance applying online, call 1-888-480-1639.

You can apply now at 2020CENSUS.GOV/JOBS.

Here is a brief description of available jobs:

Recruiting Assistant: Assists in recruiting and testing job applicants.

Census Field Supervisor - Appoints, trains, and supervises Enumerators that are engaged in data collection.

Office Operations Supervisor – Coordinates, supervises, and oversees the work of office clerks in specific functional areas.

Enumerator - Locally hired workers who perform field enumeration activities in and around their respective neighborhoods.

Clerk - Office clerks perform a wide variety of clerical functions in support of field data collection, recruiting, payroll/personnel, automation technology, and quality assurance operations.

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