ROXBOROUGH >> Since 2011, Philly Muscle Tees in Roxborough has been a neighborhood source of reasonably priced sports apparel and uniforms for local sports organizations.

The store sells Philadelphia sports apparel, serving as a source of high-quality, affordable clothing for those who want to display their city pride. The business also sells team uniforms and custom apparel.

The family owned business was started in 2011 by Dan Pellicciotti and his wife, Daniela, and three children, Paige, Daniel and Brett. The storefront, located at 6216 Ridge Ave., opened two years later in 2013.

Philly Muscle Tees got its start supplying T-shirts and hoodies to various athletic organizations in the Roxborough community. Pellicciotti lives in the area, and he has always been involved with local sports organizations.

“I didn’t like how they were paying an arm and a leg for uniforms,” said Pellicciotti.

So he began making connections and was able to start getting uniforms and T-shirts at cheaper prices. Philly Muscle Tees provides local organizations with uniforms and apparel at cost.

“I don’t believe in making money on the sports organizations,” he said.

Philly Muscle Tees sometimes donates uniforms as well, and, according to Pellicciotti, in the past three years, the business has donated $30,000 in uniforms and funds to local athletic organizations.

President of the Roxborough Eagles Athletic Association Jerry Bartholomew recalled a time, about five years ago, when his own organization was struggling. The association didn’t have the amount of participation it needed to keep going and was looking into merging with another organization or going out of business altogether.

“Dan was able to help us out with providing free registration for two years,” Bartholomew said.

According to Bartholomew, Pellicciotti donated funds and encouraged other local businesses to donate as well. His efforts helped keep the organization afloat and even brought a lot of new kids into the fold.

“Our organization is flourishing now,” he said. “He was our guardian angel for a couple of years.”

Over the years, Pellicciotti has continued to help the organization with equipment costs, and his business has sponsored their uniforms two years in a row, said Bartholomew.

“He cares about the kids ... and the community,” said Bartholomew. “He and his family have been very deeply entrenched in the community for 20 years.”

In addition to supporting numerous local youth sports programs, Philly Muscle Tees supports local causes and nonprofit organizations like the annual Roxborough Mother’s Day walk and Lisa’s Army, among others.

The other aspect of the business — selling sports and Philadelphia-themed apparel in store — is what allows Philly Muscle Tees to provide such affordable uniforms to local athletes.

The store sells Eagles, 76ers, Flyers and Phillies gear. There is also Philly themed apparel and the store’s own trademarked Philly Strong brand, which it started four years ago.

The store is known for its creative and fun designs, which are done in-house. Fresh and unique designs combined at an affordable price point draw in customers to Philly Muscle Tees from Roxborough and Manayunk and the surrounding neighborhoods, including Center City.

“We sell them for a reasonable price because we’re a neighborhood store,” said Pellicciotti.

The staff is always willing to take design advice from customers.

“We get a lot of people coming in making suggestions. We always ask for input,” said Pellicciotti.

Philly Muscle Tees sells custom apparel, too, starting with a minimum of 12 pieces per design. The business is able to turn around an order of a dozen shirts in less than a week, said Pellicciotti.

To see some of the products and learn more about Philly Muscle Tees, visit Products can be purchased in-store.

Philly Muscle Tees

6216 Ridge Ave., Roxborough


Hours: Tuesday to Friday: noon to 7 p.m.; Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; closed Monday

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