100 Years Ago

TO THE TAXPAYERS OF SOUDERTON —Rumors are circulating that even if the School Loan will be granted, the tax rate will not be reduced. Your Board of School Directors desires to announce that one of the reasons for asking your consent to the Loan was the wish to avoid another levy of the maximum tax rate. We can build a school house without the consent of the taxpayers, if the maximum tax rate is continued, but are anxious to reduce the rate, and if the Loan is approved, the tax rate will be reduced. -- SCHOOL BOARD

KILLED AT DAM DURING STORM — While fishing for suckers along the banks of Myers' dam, near Pipersville, Monday afternoon, August M. Zart, Sr., aged about 65 years, of Bethlehem, was instantly killed when his neck was broken by a tree which was blown over by the high wind that blew up almost without warning ... Monday morning they motored to the dam and when the storm came up in the afternoon, nothing was thought of it. The velocity of the wind grew greater, however, and a rotted tree was blown over. Zart saw the tree falling, his son said, and made a grab to save his fishing equipment instead of using the safety-first method. 

TOWN TOPICS — Mrs. Yetta Berliner, of Baltimore, Md., was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Dietz and Herman Rubin and family. They had a great party after which Mr. Rubin demonstrated his new car, "The Blue Bird" Buick ... E. W. Strasser, the blacksmith and carriage builder, has engaged Harry DeHaven, the well known painter, who will take charge of the painting department and is ready to do all kinds of automobile, carriage and wagon painting.

TELFORD — R. G. Hengey found a door key which no doubt the owner would be glad to have and can do so by calling on Mr. Hengey and proving property ... Clifford Godshall, of South Main street, was very unfortunate to have his leg broken while playing base ball on the Telford ball grounds, on Good Friday. He and his family have the sympathy of his friends and neighbors. 

SHOTS END LOVE AFFAIR — Disappointment in love affairs, it is said, prompted Frank Hellyer, a New Hope young man, to go to bed Sunday evening between 7.30 and 8 o'clock, and kill himself with a revolver ... He had taken a walk in the afternoon with a girl, aged 15 or 16 years, to whom he had been paying attention for several months, and just what transpired between them is not known beyond the fact that the girl had intended to break off her friendship with him.

50 Years Ago

PEN PALS MEET AFTER 24 YEARS — Mr. and Mrs. James A. Church and their two sons, 5 Valley rd., Hidden Valley, Telford, returned recently from a 15-day business-pleasure trip to the Hawaiian Islands ... A highlight of the 10-day pleasure portion of the trip was a visit with Mrs. Church's pen pal of 24 years, Mrs. Zen Fujii, of Kohala, Hawaii. Mrs. Church and Mrs. Fujii have been corresponding as pen pals since both were in sixth grade, but have never met each other. 

STUDENT COUNCIL TO HOLD BENEFIT EVENT — On Saturday, April 3, the Souderton Area High School Council will hold its annual spaghetti supper in the school cafeteria.  The supper will benefit the school's foreign exchange program and provide a worthwhile service to the surrounding community.

FELDI'S NAMES GRAND OPENING PRIZE WINNERS — Feldi's Health Food Center has announced the following prize winners from their grand opening celebration held last week. Taking the first prize was Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kratz, Souderton. She won a vegetable juicer. 2nd prize of a year's supply of vitamins was Carol Sue Albright, Souderton.

BOARD OF TRADE TO MEET MONDAY — A special Easter ham dinner is planned for the Souderton Board of Trade at their monthly meeting Monday at the Dutch Kitchen Restaurant, Main st., Souderton.

HILLTOWN TO ENFORCE CURB CONSTRUCTION RULE — Six developers and builders voiced opposition to the township's stand on curbing. One developer said a moderate-sized development could cost the builder an additional $68,000 for installation of curbing alone ... Richard S. Cowan, township engineer, told the developers they must decide if the investment merits the effort keeping in mind that they (the developers) must remain in accordance with township regulations. It was at this point that Cowan also briefly noted the future coming of sidewalks in the township but indicated this step would not be incorporated for at least five years. 


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