100 Years Ago

POLICEMAN SAW GAMBLING GAME IN RESTAURANT BASEMENT — Lloyd Freed pleaded guilty, last Friday morning, before Judge Miller, to the charge of keeping a gaming house in connection with a restaurant, which he opened in Souderton, succeeding Freed & Schoelkopf, three months ago. In view of the excellent reputation of the young man, who, for years, was a resident of Sellersville, his splendid record as an overseas veteran, the fact that he in no ways profited by the game which was conducted in the basement of his places of business, Judge Miller acceded to the plea of attorney William F. Dannehower, Jr., counsel for Mr. Freed, and granted a suspension of sentence upon the payment of the costs incurred and the assurance that no further transgressions would prevail ... A group of young men had formed a club and gathered in the basement of the Freed place and enjoyed a game of poker, it was acknowledged. 

EAST ROCKHILL FIRE DESTROYS LARGE BARN — The barn was the best equipped one in the neighborhood, built only six years ago by Jacob Lewis, then owner of the place, replacing the one destroyed by fire when lightning struck it. Among machinery destroyed was a gasoline engine, threshing machine, feed cutter, reaper, binder and a large lot of small machinery. Ten tons of hay, about five tons of straw and a crib of corn were also burned.

SELLERSVILLE — Miss Madaline Fetter, who has taught in the High School for a number of years, finished her teaching course on Wednesday. She was very well liked by the scholars and they were improving wonderfully under her instruction. To show their appreciation for what she had done for them while their teacher, they gave a farewell party to Miss Fetter on Thursday which was a royal affair and she was the recipient of a chest of handsome silverware from her scholars. Miss Fetter expects to be married soon, and invited every one of her scholars to her wedding.

CAMPAIGN PLANNED TO RAISE $25,000 — How to pay off the $25,000 indebtedness of Grand View Hospital, Sellersville, and provide the larger facilities and equipment which the rapidly growing use of the Hospital by the nearby 70,000 population in Upper Bucks and Eastern Montgomery counties is making more and more imperative every day, has been the question before the Board of Directors for several years. At a special meeting of the Directors on March 23rd the Board decided to present the needs to the public, and ask for $75,000 to put the Hospital in position to adequately serve the people.

WINTER GONE, THEY ARE FLYING COOP — There was a decrease in population, especially among the males, at the Montgomery County Home at Black Rock, during the past month due to the opening of the spring weather and the inclination of the men to seek other quarters rather than do farm work for the county. Until some definite action is taken to require capable men to remain at the County Farm during the summer months in return for the accommodations given them in the winter, the taxpayers of the county will have to give pay to prisoners of the county jail, who may be assigned to the County Farm, under parole, to help with the ever increasing amount of work.  

50 Years Ago

12 CAR DERAILMENT CURTAILS RAIL SERVICE — Twelve of the gondolas derailed in the chain reaction. The freight had been sitting in the middle of the siding north of Telford when for some yet-unknown reason it began drifting north toward Sellersville. When the cars hit the switch they began piling up like an accordion ... An estimated 1,000 tons of coal and rice were spewed on the banks and the roadbed near the Rockhill Mennonite Church ... Nobody could tell exactly how or why the entire line of 64 cars began drifting back toward the switch, nor how far they had actually drifted down the siding before coming to the switch.

BIG RED BAND PLANS ANNUAL SPRING CONCERT — A new surprise feature will be sight reading. A piece of music, never seen before by the band members will be distributed and performed for the audience. This is in preparation for the Va. Beach competition where the same procedure will take place. 

SHS ATHLETE INJURED IN SCHOOL MISHAP — Souderton's Keith Alderfer, last year's Bux-Mont batting champ, was injured Friday in a mishap in the Souderton Area High School wood shop. The injury, which will sideline the hard-hitting senior for the remainder of the '71 campaign, came about while Alderfer was working on a piece of wood for a lamp. While working the piece of wood, it apparently slipped, pushing Alderfer's hand into a band saw.

DRUG ABUSE BOOKLET AVAILABLE FROM COUNTY — In a forward to the book, President Nixon writes: "The causes and consequences of drug abuse are not yet fully understood. but the concerted pursuit of knowledge by all concerned agencies continues. We need more research, greater control of illegal drug traffic and intensified information and education efforts."

INDIAN VALLEY LIBRARY NEWS — In March, a new circulation record for a single month was set. Circulation was 2,693 items compared to 1,507 in March 1970. Once again this topped the previous record set in February of 2,550 items.  


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