100 Years Ago

BUCKS JURY SIDES WITH TEACHER STEINER — It was alleged that on April 19, 1920, while Louis R. Hunt was a student attending the Grammar school in Trumbauersville, Principal Steiner in great anger seized young Hunt and broke his leg in two places, after which he threatened to throw him out of the school building ... Steiner told how young Hunt had missed 14 out of 20 words in his lesson. He was supposed to stay in at recess time and write these words on the blackboard, but he did not, said Steiner. "I was told he bragged to boys during recess that he would not write them on the blackboard, as he had been ordered to do as a punishment. I was provoked at the time I attempted to pull him from his seat, but I was not angry" ... After deliberating one hour and 50 minutes, the jury cleared Principal Steiner. The case is a test case to show what authority a teacher has with a pupil. 

TELFORD — J. M. Kuhn has razed the old cattle sheds and will use the lumber in building a frame dwelling on his Lincoln avenue lot ... Miss Alice Fletcher, of South Main street, will leave on Friday for Brooklyn, N.Y., where she will spend a two-weeks vacation, and at the same time attend the wedding of her cousin, Miss Ella Elizabeth Burkman, and also the 50th wedding anniversary of her aunt, Mrs. Burkman, who is a sister of Mrs. Solon Fletcher, of this place.

THREE KILLED BY WEIRD ELECTRICAL TRAGEDY — Three are dead as a result of a weird electrical accident at Slatington, Saturday afternoon. Miss Clara Paules, 57 years old, was killed when she went to feed her chickens due to the fact that the wire screening around the coop had been heavily charged; Milton A. Neff, 60 years old, gave his life in an attempt to save her, and George Moyer was so badly burned that he died, when he tried to detach the two corpses from the wire.

TOWN TOPICS — William G. Wimmer, East Broad street, who has devoted his time to repairing shoes and night watchman in the Union National Bank, has quit the shoe repairing business ... All the stock and fixtures in the Eisenlohr Bros. cigar factory building, on Chestnut street, have been removed to the Sellersville factory, and the plant here shut down. A number of cigarmakers and other workers are thrown out of employment. This is unfortunate industrial news at this time.

TRAIN FROM PHILA. TO NEW YORK IN 80 MINUTES — All railroad speed records between Philadelphia and New York were broken on the Philadelphia and Reading Railway, April 16th, when a special train made the 90-mile run in 80 minutes, an average of one and one-eighth miles a minute. The run was made to enable J. Lowber Stokes, a Philadelphia banker and broker, to reach New York in time to get a train to Montreal, Canada. It cost Mr. Stokes $427.

50 Years Ago

SCHOOLMEN APPROVE $69,000 RENOVATION FOR FOOTBALL FIELD — Board member Harry F. Price cast the lone vote against the proposals, stating he opposed the sodding without assurance of proper regulation of use of the field ... The plan for the new bleachers calls for some portions of the existing stands to be torn down, with installation of new facilities which will accommodate 6,000 persons, an increase of 2,500 in seating capacity. 

HOSIERY FIRM PLANS TO REBUILD AT SITE OF RAZED TELFORD PLANT — A spokesman for the Telford Hosiery Company, which was destroyed by fire early Saturday morning, today announced that plans are being extended for the reconstruction of the plant at its present site on Third street, Telford ... At the height of the fire, 80 volunteers from the two companies were on hand to battle the blaze. It was also at the height of the blaze when the roof of the 10,000 square foot two-level brick and masonry structure fell in ... Lost in the fire were 88 machines used for manufacturing ladies' seamless hosiery and 25 auxiliary machines used for the same purpose.

5,000 ATTEND OPEN HOUSE AT W. BROAD — An estimated 5,000 parents, friends, teachers and students visited the fourth annual Open House and Curriculum Project Fair held at the West Broad Street Elementary School, Souderton, Friday evening, April 16. This year the Open House and Curriculum Fair was consolidated under the theme, "The Circus." The title, "West Broad Street Elementary Circus Shows Off," was selected from a suggestion made by W. Scott Phoenix, Room 42.

OPEN HOUSE THIS SATURDAY FOR REALTY FIRM — Edward G. Browning, Realtor, announced that the public is invited to view the renovated and refurbished facilities at 113 S. Sixth street, adjacent to the Pierce Library, at that time. Browning will be joined by his son, Timothy, Mrs. Helen Knorr and Robin Roberts in greeting all visitors ... Roberts, a renowned major league pitcher and voted the Outstanding Philadelphia Phillies player in the past 25 years, lends his professional grace to the opening of the new professional offices. Formerly the Stout homestead, a Perkasie landmark, the interior of the property has been completely rebuilt and redecorated to meet the service projection of the new office.

269,804 ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE IN MONTCO — Of the total registered to cast ballots in the May 18 election, 191,979 are Republican; 68,854 are Democrats; 436 are Constitutional; 8,437 are non-partisan; six are Socialist; three are Peace & Freedom; three are Conservative; one is Socialist Labor; two are Socialist Workers and one is Consumer.    


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