100 Years Ago

WILSON M. FRANK AND SON KILLED BY TRAIN AT ROCKHILL MEETING CROSSING — Mr. Frank with his two sons, Norman and Charles, in a Ford car with rear truck body made their usual trip with milk to Derstines station, and were returning to their home, which is but several squares away from the crossing when the horrible accident occurred ... The engine of the train struck the machine directly in the center, crashing it into hundreds of pieces, distributing the parts between the two tracks, and throwing the father and two sons out, their bodies being picked up along the bank and field some distance away. 

MARRIED MAN AND GIRL GONE — Deserting his wife and 7-year-old son, Charles Binkley, 38, foreman of a cigar factory at Quakertown, has disappeared. At the same time, Emma Neil, 18, employed at the same factory, is missing from her home ... The wife was visiting relatives in Pennsburg when Binkley left home. When she returned on the dining room table, in her husband's writing, was a note which read: "You may hear from me some day." 

TOWN TOPICS — Russell Trumbore and Miss Mamie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Blank, of Reliance road, were married last Saturday at Elkton, Md. Mr. Trumbore is well known throughout this section as the manager of the Souderton base ball team, and his bride is also equally well known, being a member of Emmanuel Lutheran choir and one of the leading sopranoists. We extend best wishes ... Mrs. Fred Krewson, living with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. D. Wolford, Chestnut street, is slowly recovering from an attack of acute indigestion which she suffered several weeks ago. We hope for her continued improvement and complete recovery. 

SELLERSVILLE — The United States Gauge Company which has been working on half-time for about six months, started on full time on Wednesday morning ... The '21 High School class had a meeting at the home of Edith Singmaster on Tuesday evening. After attending routine business, they had a fine social time.

INDIANA BOY SLEW AGED MOTHER TO END MISERY — According to the story Willie and his mother were walking through the woods in search of squirrels, when the hammer of his gun struck against a tree and sent a shot through his mother's back. Mrs. Deffendoll, wounded, fell on her side. Then she turned over on her face, according to Willie's story.  "I didn't want her to suffer," Willie said, "so I up and shot her again. That didn't kill her, so I shot her again in the neck." 

50 Years Ago

BOARD NAMES NEW BAND DIRECTOR — At a special meeting Monday night the Souderton Area School Board named a new band director to replace Gregory Woodruff who resigned last month. The board named Elmer Winzer, 31, to the position.

BARN FIRE KEEPS FIREMEN BUSY TWO DAYS — The fire broke out in a chickenhouse near the main barn on the property of Lester Rush, Route 309 and Central Ave., near Souderton at about 5 a.m. Firemen from six area companies eventually were called to the scene, and at the height of the fire at 6 a.m. Friday over 150 men were engaged in fighting the blaze ... The main part of the blaze was brought under control within an hour, Stoudt reported, but the smoldering hay kept firemen on the scene for the rest of the day and into the night. The hay could not be properly doused because the tin barn roof had fallen on it to provide a shield from the water. 

RELIANCE HOTEL LOOTED — In addition to the cash taken by the thieves, a cigarette machine and liquor cabinet were ripped open. Wolf said although the liquor cabinet was opened and the bottles placed on the floor, for some reason the thieves decided not to take the liquor from the premises. 

L. SALFORD HEARS APARTMENT-TOWNHOUSE PROPOSAL — A proposed 334 unit garden apartment-townhouse complex in Lower Salford Township met with considerable citizen opposition August 4 at the regular monthly meeting of the Lower Salford Township Board of Supervisors. Approximately 70 concerned citizens were on hand to voice their opposition to the application of Alvin A. Clemens, his son, Alvin H. Clemens and Anthony M. DiLucia, Inc., for the rezoning of a 40-acre tract bordering on Broad street and Oak drive, Harleysville. 

SELLERSVILLE SUMMER CONCERTS TO FEATURE WORLD-FAMED CARILLONNEUR — "The Bells of Sellersville," will be heard in two carillon recitals played by Mr. John Klein, the pre-eminent carillonneur of the contemporary carillon. Klein will preside at the keyboard console of a carillon numbering 305 bells. The instrument, located on the property of its manufacturer, Schulmerich Carillons, Inc., in Sellersville on old Route 309, is one of the largest carillons in existence. 


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