100 Years Ago 

BASEBALL — "Umpire baiting" must stop.

President Harold C. Pike of the Montgomery County League expressed himself to that effect, Friday night, at a meeting of directors of the League held in Doylestown.

His remarks were occassioned by the Ralston-Potter incident in the Doylestown-Ambler game, when Ambler quit after Ralston had been benched for baiting the umpire and calling him a vile name.

TOWN TOPICS — Troop 1, Boy Scouts of America, of this place, enjoyed a trip by auto to Valley Forge, last Saturday. On the way home the odd 20 youngsters experienced a thrilling time. At Center Point they were caught in a terrific rain and thunder storm, lightning striking in a barn about 100 yards away, the same being burned down. Several of the youngsters were right on the job and rendered assistance in removing a little machinery. Then after continuing on the way home they found the roads at several different places turned into small creeks, through which autos and motorcycles were assisted by the boys. All in all it was a grand and glorious time they had. 


Laporte, Ind., Aug. 10 — "If lightning should strike this tent tonight how many would be ready for it?" Rev. John Timber, evangelist, asked a congregation of Free Methodists crowding a tent at Springfield last night. Outside a storm was threatening.

A few moments later a bolt of lightning entered the canvas top, killed two ministers on the platform, burned Rev. Timber dangerously, and knocked down many of the worshipers.

ATTEMPT TO BLOW UP QUAKERTOWN CAR — Fortunately, Mrs. Foultz suspected that something was wrong when she found the lock sawed from the garage entrance, and her son, Vernon, in looking over the automobile, discovered something wrong with the spark plugs. Removing them he found the cylinders loaded with three cups of high explosive ... What the motive for the crime was is not known. One theory is that after the culprits found the car locked, and were unable to steal it, they prepared maliciously to wreck it. 

ONLY FOUR PRESIDENTS HAVE USED AUTOMOBILES — "William McKinley was the first President of the United States to use a motor car.

"Roosevelt and Taft established the automobile as the principal mode of presidential transportation.

"Everyone is familiar with the extent to which President Wilson uses his official motor car."

50 Years Ago

SALESMAN PICKS WRONG HOUSE TO SOLICIT ILLEGALLY  — An encyclopedia salesman picked the wrong door to knock on Monday evening in Franconia Township. Number one, it was 10 at night; two, he had no solicitor's permit, and three, the man of the house was a part-time Franconia policeman, Clyde Kratz ... Mallison, soliciting for Pacific International, Inc., of Atlanta, Ga., was taken before District Justice of the Peace Howard J. Gardner, who fined him $50 plus costs for soliciting without a permit.

FRANCONIA AWARDS BID FOR TRAFFIC SIGNALS — The lights will remain green for Rt. 113 traffic, with the signals activated by treadles for traffic on Allentown rd., coming onto 113 from either direction. 

INDIAN VALLEY NOTES — Mr. & Mrs. Bill Young & son Jeffrey, Second st., Souderton spent several days this week vacationing in Wildwood, N.J. ... Gerald Derstine, Godshall road, Souderton left on Tuesday by plane from the New York Airport for Espelkamp, Germany where he will spend several years working in the Stulhof Boys Home in Espelkamp. 

HILLTOWN PASSES ZONING CHANGE TO ALLOW APARTMENTS — The section which permits apartment development creates a new residential zone designated as multi-family residential. Prior to the revision, only single family detached dwellings were permitted.

The multi-family residential zones have been located in the western corner of the township near the Telford line, solely because at that location the dwellings will have access to Telford water and sewer service.

BANK OPENS WIG BOUTIQUES — John R. Bunting, president of The First Pennsylvania Banking and Trust Company, announces that, beginning this week First Pennsylvania Bank will be operating fashionable wig boutiques in 18 of its center city and suburban branch offices ... The high fashion wigs will be available at a price of $11 to any First Pennsylvania Bank customer who makes a deposit of $100 in a savings account or who purchases a savings certificate in the amount of $100 at any of the bank's 73 branch offices. 


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