100 Years Ago

WOMEN GET BALLOT BY TENNESSEE VOTE — Action of the House made Tennessee the 36th State to approve the amendment ... Should Wednesday's vote be confirmed, or the House fail to take further action before adjournment, Friday, millions of women will be free under the amendment to vote in the Presidential election next November.

ASPHYXIATION CAUSED DEATH OF MRS. LUTZ — The gas meter is of the slot variety, and it was found this was nearly run out. The theory has been advanced that Mrs. Lutz descended to place a coin in the meter, and forgot to relight the gas, which may have flowed from an open cock in the bathroom.

DRINK HOT WATER BEFORE BREAKFAST — The principle of bathing inside is not new, as millions of people practice it. Just as hot water and soap cleanse, purify and freshen the skin, so hot water and a teaspoonful of limestone phosphate act on the stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels. Limestone phosphate is an inexpensive white powder and almost tasteless.

ROBBERS AT PERKASIE GET AWAY WITH $200 — Entry was gained by forcing windows, except at the home of J. H. Meyers, where entry was gained through the back cellar door ... They took $50 from Herbert Kramer's trousers. They stole Oswin Underkoffler's bicycle, which was later abandoned. They next entered three adjoining homes, without getting any loot. They were the residences of Frank Harr, William Linck and Edwin Benner. At J. H. Meyers' they took $12; at Claude Wimmer's, $48; at David Stoneback's, $51, and J. Samuel Bowen's, $30.

TOBACCO UP TO 50 CENTS — Fifty cents a pound, a new high record for Havana leaf tobacco grown in Lancaster county, was reported last Friday, with the first movement of what probably will be the most costly crop of weed ever moved in America. The tobacco this year is perfect and in great demand.

50 Years Ago

5,000 ATTEND FOLK FESTIVAL — More than 5,000 persons attended the Fourth Annual Folk Festival of the Goschenhoppen Historians, Friday and Saturday, August 14 and 15, at the Goschenhoppen Park in East Greenville ... Besides the usual Eighteenth Century crafts of apple butter boiling, spinning flax and wool, rug weaving, braiding and hooking, gun smithing, and quilting, there were demonstrations of such unusual crafts as redware pottery, specializing in roof-tile, slipware and scrafito, making fishnets and potato candy, and six different forms of needlework, notably count thread cross stitch embroidery, lace knitting, drawn thread work, and knitting linen stockings.

SALFORDVILLE NEWS — The Old Goshenhoppen Sunday School Picnic will be held on Saturday September 5 in the Old Goshenhoppen Church Grove, Woxall. The Sunday School program will be held at 1:30 p.m. in the church grove. Music will be furnished by the Macungie Band. The guest speaker will be Rev. Paul Kehm, of Fleetwood who will speak at 4 p.m. ... The Upper Salford Fire Co. will have a concession stand at the Phila. Folk Festival being held Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Aug. 28, 29 & 30 at the Poole farm in Upper Salford Township. 

YOUTH KILLED SUNDAY IN FRANCONIA CRASH — Police said the trio had just left the Earl-Bowl lanes at Earlington. Skid marks at the Allentown and Indian Creek road site indicated that the car had crossed into the southbound lane and had traveled up a six-foot embankment on the west side of the road. The car then skidded about 180 feet before colliding broadside with the utility pole.

CHILDREN ADMIT STARTING $50,000 BARN FIRE — Two children, ages 8 and 9 years, have confessed to accidentally starting the fire which ultimately destroyed the Harold Hunsicker two-story barn in Franconia Township last Wednesday afternoon ... Franconia Police Chief Paul Hunsberger, together with Fire Marshal Paul Stoudt and State Police Fire Marshal Charles Hicklin, wrapped up their investigation when the two youths, whose names are being withheld, confessed that they caused the blaze while playing with matches in a hay loft.

COUGHLIN SAYS U.S. BACKS 'RUTHLESS' S. VIETNAM REGIME — No, we are not supporting a Jeffersonian democracy in Saigon and never have been. We are supporting what is essentially a rough, ruthless military regime, "tiger cages" and all.

Yet, the Hanoi regime is not exactly a Jeffersonian democracy either. Opposition there has been crushed or "liquidated."

Realistically, in the absence of some sort of patchwork political settlement which will not produce anything essentially more appealing in Jeffersonian terms, we are trying to whip a government -- any government -- into shape so it can support itself and we can come home. 


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