100 Years Ago

FIRST FAMILY ASSOCIATION HOLDS ANOTHER REUNION — For 31 years the Fretz Family have been holding their reunions, being the first Family to formally gather in what has since become a popular feature of the numerous clans in the Eastern section of Pennsylvania and which is now spreading all over the country ... The descendants of John and Christian Fretz, who came to this country from Germany between the years 1715 and 1725, and located in Bedminster township, gathered to the number of probably over seven hundred from all sections of this and adjoining States, Saturday, when two sessions for business was held in the pavilion, the Rev. Allen M. Fretz, of Perkasie, presiding. 

H. S. GRADUATE WINS SCHOLARSHIP — Isaac Bobst, a member of this year's graduating class of the Souderton High School, has received a notable distinction in the form of a scholarship at the University of Pennsylvania, awarded to him during the present month by the Scholarship Committee on the basis of his deserving qualities as a student and his excellent record at the Souderton High School. The scholarship has a pecuniary value of $200 per year.

TELFORD — Station Agent Frank Arnold has had the fence in front of his Main street residence taken away, which is a good improvement. Front yard fences have had their days. 

TOWN TOPICS — Upon return from their honeymoon, Mr. and Mrs. William Allison Doane were given an old time "dutch" band, last Friday evening. For many years these events have been somewhat thinly attended, but this "bunch" made the usual lot of noise ... A Wednesday night show will be started at the Electric Mirror Theatre on September 3rd, with one session beginning at 7.45 o'clock. If the patrons of the movies desire this Wednesday night show, it is up to them to patronize it, and if business warrants, the show will be continued during the winter months ... Profiting by the experience and loss of others, residents of Adams and Penn avenues have prepared themselves to give the fellow who has been stealing their chickens a warm reception. During the last several weeks hen roosts have been robbed of some valuable birds, and suspicion rests on a party who lives not very far from the neighborhood. Stealing will not bring down the high cost of living. If a little more evidence produces itself, prosecution is sure to follow. 

FEDERAL FOOD CONTROL WAS CAKE FOR BAKER — Charles I. Corby, millionaire baker, club and society man of Washington, D.C., testified before the Senate committee inquiring into the high cost of living in the District of Columbia, that he was losing money last year, when the Food Administration and Federal Trade Commission fixed the price and weight of his product. After that he took in nearly $300,000 in profits. 

50 Years Ago

SOUDERTON SCOUTS WIN WATER CARNIVAL FOR THIRD YEAR — The trip was highlighted by an overnight hike to Little Falls and a day later was brought to a climax when the Order of The Arrow, a secret scout organization, held its mystic initiation ceremony, where Jeff Stover, Jay Landis, and David Richardson, of Troop 401, became members.

UNION NATIONAL INTRODUCES NEW SAVINGS PLAN — Charles H. Hoeflich, president of Union National Bank & Trust Company, Souderton, announced today that the bank will offer UNIFUND, a 5% passbook account, as of September 2, 1969. 

DUTCH PLAYERS SET OPEN HOUSE — The evening's highlight will be a dress rehearsal performance of "Not Enough Rope," a one-act farce drama by Elaine May. 

S-T JAYCETTES CHALLENGE MEN IN LANSDALE LIMPICS — Mrs. Marilyn Halteman, president of the Jaycettes, expressed confidence her team would walk away with the first place trophy being offered.

"Women are better coordinated than men," she said, "and that means we'll literally walk away with the three-legged race, first event of the three planned."

The second event will be a basketball toss, and Mrs. Halteman noted that women are "straighter shooters than men," and would win that phase of the competition.

Final event will be a watermelon-eating contest. The Jaycette president carefully worded her comments on this event. She did mention that women typically have been credited with larger mouths than men, and if this were true, the women would be apt to win the watermelon contest. 

TELFORD CHEVROLET DEALERSHIP UNDER NEW NAME — Hedrick Bros. Chevrolet, Third st., Telford, began operating under a new name, REY Chevrolet, Inc., last Thursday.    

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