100 Years Ago

DR. S. C. MOYER KILLED BY TRAIN AT ORVILLA CROSSING — Dr. Samuel C. Moyer was fatally injured, Tuesday forenoon, when the horse and buggy which he was driving, were struck by the Scranton flyer at the unprotected railroad crossing, on Hawkins road, at Orvilla. The horse was killed instantly, being badly mangled, and Dr. Moyer died soon after he was taken to Lansdale on the train which hit him ... Although the view of approaching trains at this point is partly obstructed by three widely separated fruit trees, the real source of danger lies in the fact that the road rises over a little hill as it near the tracks and crosses at an awkward oblique angle, requiring a driver to watch his rear if a southbound train is in sight. 

PRAYERS CURE LANSDALE MAN — A miraculous cure from tuberculosis is claimed in the case of William M. Schrader, of Mt. Vernon street, Lansdale, who had been confined to his bed for a year and seven months. Last week his friends in Grace Evangelical church gathered at his home and offered fervent prayers. On Friday afternoon he was able to get up and on Saturday morning he dressed himself and appeared at the home of Rev. C. C. Moyer, ready to accompany the minister to the campmeeting at Highland Park, near Sellersville ... Later he stood before 2,000 people and testified that the Lord had answered the prayers and had cured him of the malady.

TOWN TOPICS — G. Howard Freed, of Lansdale, sold to Ira F. Hartzel a fine player piano ... Sorry to announce that the friends of Dr. N. G. Allebach, Isaiah K. Moyer, Frank Rohrbach and Asher M. Stoudt will not be treated to a mess of fresh fish, as, with the exception of not over 25 pounds, the biggest ones tore the line and escaped. Bear in mind the total was only a quarter hundred pounds, and not 30, 40 or 50 and so on — the usual fisherman's story — more and bigger the longer he talks about it.

HORSE DROPS DEAD AT MENLO RACE TRACK — After crossing under the wire in the first heat of the Class D event, at the opening races of the new Menlo Park track, Perkasie, Saturday afternoon, "Fortune," owned by Harry Hunsberger, of Perkasie, dropped dead. Charles Sprenkel, of Perkasie, who was driving, was thrown from the saddle and badly bruised and cut about one of his arms.

Five hundred persons attended the opening races.

FEW AMERICANS MAKE $2,000 YEARLY WAGE — Approximately 103,000,000 persons are living on $2,000 a year or less, according to an analysis of income tax returns.

The population of the United States is unofficially estimated at slightly more than 105,000,000.

The remaining 2,000,000 persons paid the bulk of $5,410,284,874 in federal income, excess profits and miscellaneous taxes collected by the Federal Government for the fiscal year ended June 30th.

50 Years Ago

AREA CAPTAIN DIES IN VIETNAM — Captain David R. Weigner, 26, a U.S. Army intelligence officer, husband of Mary Ann (Bennett) Weigner, formerly of North Wales, was killed in action in Vietnam on Monday, July 27 ... Four Vietcong, in friendly uniforms, opened fire from an ambush position almost on the road.

They threw hand grenades and had automatic weapons.

LOWER SALFORD APPROVES SEWER LINE EXTENSION — Following the approval of the sewer plans, Warren Henning, Main street, Harleysville, and Preston Allebach, Stover road, Harleysville presented their case for the rezoning of a 20-acre tract of ground located along Sumneytown pike between Harleysville and Mainland. If passed, the tract would be rezoned to C-commercial for the construction of a shopping center ... To date, it is not known specifically what will be included in the shopping center, but a supermarket together with several stores has been mentioned.

MINI-BIKES BANNED ON VFW GROUNDS — The directors of the Telford VFW post voted Monday to prohibit the operation of mini-bikes on their property, at the corner of Broad and Fourth sts.

A spokesman for the Post told the Independent this week that an increasing number of youngsters have been using the VFW grounds and parking lot to operate the bikes, creating a hazardous condition for motorists, pedestrians, and the bike operators themselves. 

SPEED LIMIT CUT ON ROUTE 309 — The Pennsylvania Department of Highways last week lowered the speed limit to 45 miles per hour along the Bethlehem pike between the end of the Sellersville Bypass and the Unionville intersection. 

Prior to this week, the speed limit on the accident ridden stretch of highway had been 55 miles per hour. State police cars are now patroling the area with radar equipped cars. 

DUTCH PLAYERS TO PRESENT 'VIRGINIA WOOLF' — Edward Albee's controversial drama, "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?", will open a four week-end run at the Dutch Country Playhouse, near Green Lane, Friday, August 21.

A penetrating drama of marital soul-searching, "Virginia Woolf" is at once unnerving, shocking, hilarious, and terrifying, and represents a radical departure from the normal summer theater fare.

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