100 Years Ago

PRICE FIXED FOR U.S. FOOD SALES BY PARCEL POST — Sale of surplus Army food to the consumers through the parcel post will begin Monday, August 18th, the War Department Division of Sales announces ... It will be the greatest bargain sale ever attempted. More than 58,000 postmasters will act as agents. About 185,000,000 cans of meats and vegetables will be available to the public through the parcel post.

TELFORD — H. C. Derstine and his force of men with the aid of a large motor truck and seven horses, moved the former Mahlon Fretz office building from Sellersville to Contractor E. M. Utz's place of business, on Lincoln avenue. It will be converted into a carpenter shop. 

TOWN TOPICS — We are glad to report that Mrs. Rhine Clemmer again has the use of her right eye. On July 28th Mrs. Clemmer while putting on a pair of glasses accidentally run one end into the eye severely bruising the eye ball. She suffered intensely for several days and had lost the use of the eye.

AUTO STRIKES GIRL DIES FROM INJURIES — A very unfortunate and sad accident happened at Kulpsville, at 8 o'clock Wednesday morning, when Anna, 5-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris G. Stevens, well known residents of that place, was struck by an auto, and, as the result of internal injuries in the stomach and intestines, both front and rear wheels of the machine passing over the body, died at 11 o'clock that morning ... After turning the corner at the Montgomery Clothing Company factory, the girl kept on walking on the right side of the road, and was facing her home. The delivery truck of J. A. Clemens, the bologna and smoked meat dealer, of Souderton, with Mr. Clemens and his son on the seat, and the son, Arthur, at the wheel, followed and also rounded the corner in the same direction. Evidently the girl became confused and stepped out of her path directly in front of the car, and being struck was hurled to the ground, with the results as above stated. 

LUTHERAN ORPHANS HAVE ANNUAL OUTING — The happiest aggregation of youngsters that picnic annually at Menlo Park are those from the Orphans' Home, at Germantown, Philadelphia. Coming for their 16th outing, Saturday, they drew a crowd of about 10,000 persons, all of whom were interested either directly or indirectly in the pleasure of the children from the Orphans' Home, or as participants in the Lutheran rally. The occasion really is two distinct events, yet linked into one great whole, for the orphanage at Germantown is associated unmistakably with the life of every Lutheran congregation along the North Penn. When the orphans have their outing therefor at Menlo, it is the signal for loyal Lutherans within distance of the summons, to rally at the same time. 

50 Years Ago 

COUNCIL QUESTIONED ON BARN RAZING, APPOINTMENTS — Mrs. Alice Stephens, 26 Hamlin ave., asked council who was going to pay for the removal of the dilapidated barn behind the borough building which was recently torn down "by borough men with borough equipment" ... The answer from Council President H. L. Bergey was "the borough has finally gotten rid of a public hazard and an eyesore, so let's forget about it" ... Mrs. Stephens agreed with council that this was a necessary measure since the barn was "literally falling down," but she said it should be the property owner's responsibility, not the borough's — the same way sidewalks are the responsibility of the individual property owners. And, as a private citizen and as a current candidate for mayor of Telford, she said she feels she has a right to know who will pay for the project.

COUGHLIN PROPOSED AMENDMENT FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS — U.S. Representative Lawrence Coughlin (R-Pa.), of Montgomery County, introduced in Washington this week a proposed Constitutional amendment to guarantee equal rights under the law for women ...

Said Coughlin:

"Forty-nine years ago, American women were given the Constitutional right to vote. But the task of achieving full Constitutional equality between the sexes still is not completed.

"Passage of this equal rights amendment would eliminate injustices remaining from ancient rules of law which vary from state to state, and would afford women nothing more nothing less than guarantees that men have."

INTRA PLAYGROUND COMPETITION HIGHLIGHTS RECREATION PROGRAM — Salford Hills triumphed 17 to 10 in a game of kickball with Lower Salford. The champs included Lisa Warden, Brenda Davenport, Craig Musselman, Steve Musselman, Matt Koons, Kim Mohry, Blaine Derstine, Kent Hudgins, and Doug Beyer. 

HOTELMEN POUND PEN PALS WITH 14 HITS FOR 20-0 ROUT — Souderton Hotelmen traveled to Graterford Sunday for an exhibition softball game with inmates at the State Penitentiary.

The inmates turned out to be losers again, as the hotelmen pounded out 14 hits for a 20-0 win. 

SWIMMING AREA IS IMPROVED AT GREEN LANE — Buoy lines for the protection of swimmers have been placed in the lake at Upper Perkiomen Valley Park, Green Lane.

It is the first time such lines have been placed and are located at the six-foot depth along the several hundred feet of swimming area at the popular County spot.  


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