100 Years Ago

OVER $70,000 TO XMAS CLUB SAVERS — The results of this Xmas Saving Club are far reaching indeed, and some of the comfortable home owners in this vicinity can often trace their first impulse to save to being a member of the Xmas Saving Club at the Telford National Bank ... During the War great numbers of Xmas savers used the proceeds of their Xmas money to purchase Liberty Bonds, and in this way aided the Government, and they still have their Bonds deposited in the Bank for safe keeping, and regularly receive the interest therefrom credited in their Savings Account. 

PERKASIE SCHOOL FIRE FOUGHT BY THE PUPILS — A fire in the Perkasie High School coal pit in which there were about 50 tons of coal, caused the dismissal of pupils on Thursday afternoon and Friday ... On Thursday afternoon when the janitor removed a quantity of coal he felt heat coming from the pit and upon investigation found the coal to be burning in the bottom of the pit. He asked for volunteers from the school. They were quickly on the job, but lack of shovels handicapped their work. They appealed to the local coal yards for help, and in half an hour as many men and boys as could get near the pit were shoveling the coal into the gymnasium. 

SALESMAN'S LIFE IS SNUFFED AT STATION — Unmindful of frantic shouts of half a hundred bystanders at the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad station at Lansdale, the clanging of a crossing gong and lowered safety gates, George A. De Keim, aged 50 years, a traveling salesman of Oak Park, just north of Lansdale, was instantly killed Sunday when he stepped in the path of a southbound passenger train. His mind was apparently completely occupied by something foreign to his perilous position. 

TOWN TOPICS — Moving picture patrons will be treated to a very high-class feature, "Ramona," at the Electric Mirror Theatre next Saturday evening. It is pronounced the love story of the ages and its scenes and time are from the early days of California. This film received the highest award ever given by the National Board of Censors ... The J. M. Landis & Co. store is all "fixed up" for the holidays, and advises the selection of Christmas gifts early. A visit to toyland will not only please the youngsters, but the old ones as well. 

TELFORD — Rev. E. S. Noll delivered a timely lecture last Saturday evening in the Buick building. He spoke on "The Spirit of the Age," and handled his subject very ably. He is a forceful yet a most attractive speaker. A large audience came out to hear him ... John Heffentrager has been making extensive improvements, outside and inside, his residence, on Third street. A pipeless heater, bath room, electric lights have been installed and a new front porch and one of the finest glass doors has been added, making a splendid appearance. 

50 Years Ago

SMOKE, SMOKE EVERYWHERE ... BUT WHERE'S THE FIRE? — Souderton firemen, police, and borough officials had a perplexing problem on their hands shortly after 1 p.m. Tuesday, as acrid smoke began billowing from storm sewer inlets over a seven-to-ten-block area ... The source of the problem was finally discovered at Broad st. and Adams ave., where a resident of that area had apparently been pushing his leaves down an inlet and burning them there. This had reportedly been done in the past, with no problem resulting. This time, however, the burning leaves set fire to an asphalt coating on some of the piping, and pretty soon there was a blazing inferno beneath the street. 

SCHOOL BOARD ADOPTS POLICY ON BOMB THREATS — While no threats have as yet been received during the recent rash of them in other area schools, the board made it clear they were taking the action as a precautionary measure so both the public and the school administration would be prepared. In essence the policy is to give the chief school administrator (Dr. Roy Dungan) the responsibility for deciding what course of action should be taken in the event of such a threat. 

GODSHALL RE-NAMED PRESIDENT OF SOUDERTON AREA BOARD — Robert W. Godshall was elected to a second term as president of the Souderton Area School Board, at the board's reorganization meeting Monday night ... In other business, the board approved a written policy on free and reduced price school lunches ... It was explained that the policy was the same as the one that has been in effect, but that the state now requires it in writing. 

LONGACRE EMPLOYEES HOLD ANNUAL FAMILY DINNER — On Monday evening, December 7, the annual Longacre family dinner was held in the dining area of the Christopher Dock Mennonite School, near Lansdale. Henry Longacre, son of the founder and retail store manager of Philadelphia retail units, served as master of ceremonies. He indicated that this was the 26th annual dinner event, with the first one having occurred in the dining room of his parents' home that many years ago. Attending Monday's event were 453 persons, representing employees and members of their families and friends. 

HILLTOWN OKs EXPANSION OF COUNTY LINE PLAZA — Plans for a $1.2 million addition to the County Line Shopping Plaza, Souderton, received the approval of Hilltown Township Supervisors at their Saturday meeting. The approval by the supervisors opened the way for the construction of a new Grant's department store and three satellite shops. The announcement of construction was announced by a spokesman for the Clemens family, owners of the plaza. 


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