100 Years Ago

BOY ARRESTED FOR EXPLOSION IN SCHOOL — The discovery of a number of cartridges in the stove at the Oak Grove school, near Unionville, in Hatfield township, last week, and the explosion in the stove some three weeks ago which resulted in the serious injury of the teacher, Mrs. Abram Kulp, caused the State police, after an investigation, to arrest Albert Thiemich, aged 17, of Lansdale ... The State police worked on the theory that the deed was perpetrated by someone who had a grudge against the teacher or pupils. It is stated that young Thiemich formerly attended the school, but was told that he must pay tuition when he moved into Hilltown.

68 ORPHAN GIRLS RESCUED AT FIRE — Sixty-eight young girls, trapped in a blazing dormitory in the Lutheran Orphans' Home, Mount Airy, were saved from a horrible death at 5 o'clock on Sunday morning, as a result of the heroism of two women and the timely and efficient assistance of firemen ... Just when it looked as if all chance for rescue had fled, there was the tinkling of shattered glass and through the veil of smoke the women and children discerned what they described as the finest sight they had ever seen, or ever hoped to see. It was the helmeted head of a fireman ... The firemen entered the building, carried child after child to the windows and handed them to burly firefighters, who carried them to safety. With true womanly instinct, the caretakers did their best to see that every girl had an improvised shawl made of bed clothes to protect her from the chill of the early dawn.

WHITE MOTHER LOYAL TO ACCUSED NEGRO SON — "Don't worry, dear; everything will be all right, and I'll see that you get plenty of good things to eat while you are in prison during your trial." Those were the words of Mrs. Edward G. Turner, a white woman, of Naceville, Bucks county, said to her 15-year-old son, Edward R. Turner, a mulatto, as he left the Court house, at Doylestown, Monday evening, following the beginning of his trial for life for killing his father, a negro, while defending his mother from a murderous assault ... "I shot my father to save the life of my mother" was what Edward R. Turner, testifying on the stand Tuesday afternoon, told the jury, and the 12 men acquitted the boy. 

TELFORD — R. G. Hengey's shoe store will be closed all day on Saturday (Christmas). Laundry should be called for no later than Friday evening ... A handkerchief surprise was tendered Miss Verna Shoemaker in honor of her birthday on Friday. She received 40 handkerchiefs and a few other useful gifts.  

PAROLED TO AID HIS WIFE — Judge Miller signed a decree paroling Edward S. Braunfeldt from the Montgomery county prison at the request of about 100 petitioners, mostly living in the vicinity of North Wales, who set forth that he desired to get out to lift the burden from the shoulders of his wife, who is breaking down her health working to support herself and her aged mother.Braunfeldt was convicted of setting fire to the buildings of his wife on a farm, in Upper Gwynedd township, for the insurance money. 

50 Years Ago 

HILLTOWN HOLDS TAX RATE DESPITE RECORD BUDGET — Figures recently released indicated that Hilltown had jumped ahead of Quakertown as Upper Bucks County's largest subdivision in population. The township's present population is 7,236. Commenting on the growth, the supervisors noted that growth will continue and that a doubling of population could take place within the next 10 years ... In discussing the budget for 1971, supervisors said 50 per cent of all township funds will go for highway construction and maintenance. Thirty per cent is allocated for police and fire protection with the remaining 20 per cent being used for administration and general government use.

NAME WINNERS IN JAYCEES' LIGHTING CONTEST — The home of a Telford couple was announced Tuesday night as the winner of the Souderton-Telford Jaycees' annual Christmas Lighting Contest. Receiving first prize of $25 will be Mr. and Mrs. C. Paul Campbell, 2 Lenape lane, Telford. Named second and third prize winners were the homes of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Clyde, 42 N. Fifth st., Souderton, $15, and Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Sensinger, 323 Northview ave., Telford, $10.

STATE ROAD PROJECT LIKE 'CHRISTMAS PRESENT' — Emil Steglik, vice chairman of the Salford Township Board of Supervisors and a vocal critic of PennDOT's handling of the road situation, said the appearance of the work crews was "like a Christmas present." "We've been after the state to repair that road for nearly a year, so you know its a good feeling to see something getting done," he said ... John Reinford, road superintendent and a member of the board of supervisors, said he was withholding comment on the project until the work crews complete their work on the roadway.

INDIAN VALLEY LIBRARY NEWS — Holiday greetings to our benefactors in the Souderton Area School District. Our lights are shining this season due to your warm hearts all year round. 

SERVES ON DESTROYER — Navy Seaman Gary J. Bridi, son of Mr. John D. Bridi, of 6 Randall ave., Hatfield, returned to his homeport of Norfolk, Va., aboard the destroyer USS Blandy after a three-month deployment in the Caribbean. He visited Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and the Island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands, where the crew of the Blandy aided in flood relief. 


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