100 Years Ago

PLEADED GUILTY — A temptation to give her father a Christmas present of a shirt caused Helen Essick, 18, of Pottstown, to take a shirt from a store show window. She was caught in the act. It was shown that she was a dutiful girl at home and her character had been good. She is one of 10 children. She was paroled.

TELFORD — Titus A. Fluck took a visit to friends near Keller's Church last week with his automobile. He is snowbound and unable to return home. 

PENNA. RAILROADS KILLED 897 IN 1919 — Track laborers furnished the largest amount of the fatalities among railroad employees, 71 being killed. Accidents caused by persons jumping on or off moving trains numbered 898, and 238 were attributed to defective road beds or equipment.

TOWN TOPICS — Many of the country roads are still closed while traveling on all roads, even in the towns, is accomplished only with difficulty. Motor trucks and autos are not able to get out. And more snow due! A real winter! ... S. S. Alderfer last Friday unloaded a carload of Chevrolet cars, but no matter how much pull in the "Chevy," it took Leidy R. Kulp's two horses and a bob sled to take them from the railroad siding to the Souderton Garage, on Chestnut street.

PIANO MOVERS AS BEARERS — Mrs. Claudia Randall, who died Saturday at Jersey City, N.J., was 89 years old and weighed 470 pounds ... Mrs. Randall died in her apartment on the top floor of a three-story building. In order to get the casket to the street, the window frame was removed and a block and fall was rigged to the roof by piano movers.

50 Years Ago 

WEST BROAD PTA VOTES SUPPORT OF ANTI-OBSCENITY BILL — This bill, proposed by the late Sen. Everett Dirksen, suggests a new plan to fight pornography, by freeing local juries to make the final decision as to whether any type of printed matter or movie is obscene. These juries would base their decision upon local standards. 

CDHS BURNS MORTGAGE — Mortgage burning ceremonies were held Monday evening at the Christopher Dock High School, Forty Foot rd., Kulpsville, representing liquidation of a $400,000 debt on the auditorium and its equipment. 

TELFORD FIREMEN TO LAUNCH DRIVE — Telford Volunteer Fire Co. will hold its annual Contributing Membership campaign in the borough within the next few weeks, according to Malcolm Jacobs, campaign chairman. 

HARLEYSVILLE SCOUTS GET COPTER RIDES — Through the courtesy of the 302nd Aviation Co., "ATC," Horsham, the scouts logged some flying time in a "Bell" helicopter, which was piloted by Lt. Childs, a Vietnam helicopter pilot veteran. 

WRONG ZIP CODE? — A letter mailed to J. Touchstone Jones, manager - financial sales division, Harleysville Insurance, from Philadelphia in October, 1969, finally arrived on January 12, 1970, with a Tokyo, Japan, postmark. The letter, which contained a $2,000 check for the purchase of mutual funds, had been traced unsuccessfully and the check had been cancelled by the time it arrived. Jones surmised the letter had gotten stuck in a mail bag which subsequently was used to carry mail from the U.S.A. to Japan.  


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