100 Years Ago

SOUDERTON SCHOOL BOARD ASKS FOR LOAN TO ERECT NEW BUILDING — Overcrowdedness has become so serious in all of the Grades as to hinder seriously the efficiency of the school work. In the Chestnut street Grade building, each one of the eight rooms contains more pupils than the School Code permits in proportion to square feet of floor space, cubic feet of air space and lighting area. The average number of pupils per teacher enrolled in this building is 46. Those familiar with school conditions readily understand the tax that is placed upon a teacher's strength and energy when more than 35 or 40 pupils are assigned to a teacher, and the lack of individual attention that pupils receive when teachers are responsible for such large classes.

FINE EXHIBITION OF NEEDLE WORK — It is the aim of the school to perform the function, now so much neglected in the home, of teaching girls the arts of cooking and sewing, and in addition to enable them to acquire a knowledge through which they may be economical and more efficient in all the household duties which form a large part of the life work of women. 

LANSING GETS OUT WHEN WILSON SAYS HE USURPED POWER — Robert Lansing ended his career as Secretary of State last Friday, after President Wilson had accused him of usurping the powers of President by calling meetings of the Cabinet during Wilson's illness ... The Secretary concluded by saying that if the President believed he had failed in his "loyalty" to him and if Wilson no longer had confidence in him, he was ready to "relieve you of any embarrassment by placing my resignation in your hands." 

The President replied that he was "much disappointed" by Lansing's letter regarding "the so-called Cabinet meetings." He said he found nothing in the Secretary's letter "which justifies your assumption of Presidential authority in such a matter" and added that he "must frankly take advantage of your kind suggestion" to resign.

TOWN TOPICS — Mrs. A. H. Landes had a fall on the icy pavement, but is again able to be about. On Wednesday, she attended to Mr. Landes' business as messenger of the Sellersville National Bank ... We are pleased to report that Mabel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Kinsey, Railroad avenue, who had been suffering with scarlet fever for several weeks, is getting along fairly well. She is still in bed, but able to sit up at intervals. 

WIFE SAVED WITH HUSBAND'S BLOOD — At Montgomery Hospital, Norristown, Mrs. Laura Anderson, of near Graterford, was operated on by Dr. William G. Miller when a pint of blood taken from her husband's body was transfused into her veins, and both husband and wife are reported in good physical condition.

50 Years Ago  

$70,000 FIRE GUTS THEATER IN SELLERSVILLE — The fire broke out about 10:20 p.m., 20 minutes after the last showing for the evening of the motion picture "Oliver" ... Deluge guns mounted on aerial ladders were used to bring the fire under control and prevent its spreading to the nearby historic Washington House at Bethlehem Pike and Temple ave., the Sellersville Post Office, and the former Lemmon Pharmaceutical Company building. 

DONKEY BASKETBALL TILT TO FEATURE 2 CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS — The Souderton Area Fifth Quarter Club will sponsor a donkey basketball game next Wednesday, Feb. 25, at 7:30 p.m. in the SHS gym. Featured in the entertainment-geared clash will be the SHS '69 football team, Bux-Mont champions, against the Souderton touch football team, also Bux-Mont champions last year. 

SPECIAL PROGRAM AT SOUDERTON MENNONITE — A special worship program in music and color slides will be presented at the Souderton Mennonite Church, W. Chestnut st., Sunday at 7 p.m. by Glen Eshleman, a photographer from the Lancaster area. 

BIG RED WRESTLERS ROUT CB BUCCANEERS — Individual marks attained in the meeting included Harold Heacock's seventh triumph in a row and fifth via the fall in his last six starts. Alan Powell's fall notched another milestone in the Indian record book for the longest win streak. Powell's record for the season now stands at 14-1-1.

GROUND BROKEN FOR COUNTY COLLEGE — A silver spade was used at impressive groundbreaking ceremonies today to mark the start of construction of Montgomery County's new Community College campus in Whitpain Township ... The new college to be built will consist of four buildings: a classroom facility, science building, student learning library and physical education building. There will be some 400,000 square feet of usable space in the completed buildings.The new campus, designed by Morton L. Fishman Associates, Philadelphia architects, is scheduled to be ready for occupancy late next year. The college — now in its third year — is operating in the former Conshohocken High School building and other buildings in the Borough of Conshohocken. 


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