100 Years Ago

10 YEARS FOR MAIL TO TRAVEL 14 MILES — A postcard was received at the East Greenville postoffice one evening last week, dated April 19th, 1911, at Schwenksville, Pa., addressed to Fred O. Young, East Greenville. Mr. Young was in the grocery business there at that time, but retired from that business several years ago and removed to Perkasie, where he resides at present. The distance from Schwenksville to East Greenville is 14 miles, and it required nearly 10 years to reach its destination.

TOWN TOPICS — Swept by a driving northeast wind, a heavy snowstorm started late Saturday night, continued on Sunday with increasing intensity. The fall of from six to eight inches was accompanied by a 42-mile gale. It was the first real snowstorm of the year, and, although predicted days in advance by the Weather Bureau, came as a surprise to many persons who had just about arrived at the conclusion that old-fashioned winters were a relic of by-gone days ... Two deer were seen in the eastern part of town, by quite a number of our people on Wednesday, and again on the farms, east of town, on Thursday morning. They appeared together on Mr. McManus' and Levi M. Hartzel's places, at Water street, but scattered, one going to the southeast and one to the northeast. It is presumed that the snow forced them out of the Haycock mountains for food, and that dogs then drove them farther away from their abode. It is very seldom that the deer came as far as this section, and it was quite an exciting time for a while to see this kind of game here.

ALMOST SAWS WAY OUT OF LANSDALE LOCKUP — When the Lansdale officer, whose business it is to look after the welfare of the prisoners in the lockup, went to the cell in which Roberts was detained and took hold of one of the bars covering the opening in the cell door, the bar suddenly gave way. It had been almost completely sawed through from the inside. The trick was done in a rather peculiar manner, with an improvised piece of ragged-edged steel, converted into a form of saw.

TELFORD — Morris C. Scholl is nursing a sore foot due to an injury caused by stepping on a nail ... Melvin Keyser, proprietor of the County Line restaurant, and Henry S. Frederick, the drover, took a sleigh ride to Woxall on Wednesday. Beside enjoying the outing, they transacted business. 

BIG ADDITION TO FACTORY — Substantial evidence of Dodge Brothers confidence in the future is to be found in their expenditure of between $6,000,000 and $8,000,000 for the expansion of their factory. The present building program is the largest in their history, and will bring the total floor space of the plant up to more than 100 acres. In 1914, when production of Dodge Brothers' motor cars began the total floor space was about eight acres. 

50 Years Ago

TEACHER PAY BOOSTS APPROVED BY BOARD — The salary package will bring teachers 9.2 to 11 percent in pay and benefit increases during the 1971-72 school year, and will carry a $324,000 price tag ... Under the new contract, starting salaries will jump to $7,300 next year, up $400 from the present $6,900 base figure. The new top salary level is $15,200 for teachers with a masters degree and 24 additional graduate credits. Currently, four of the district's 209 teachers would fit into this category. 

SIX-STORY APARTMENT, OFFICE BUILDING PROPOSED FOR SOUDERTON — Kenneth Grosse, Jr., president of Grosse and Quade Associates, Inc., Souderton, has submitted to the Souderton Planning Commission and will soon submit to the Souderton Borough Council plans for a six-story apartment and commercial building to be built on County Line road, next to their present office building. This will be the largest building ever erected in the Souderton area. It will stand six floors and contain 50 apartments and five stores of prime commercial space directly across from the County Line Plaza Shopping Center.

SOUDERTON LIONS HOLD ANNUAL SAUERKRAUT SUPPER — In addition to the annual supper, Tuesday night also inaugurated the club's annual sauerkraut sale drive. Norman Kulp, program chairman for the evening, announced that 500 pounds of sauerkraut has been prepared for sale to the public by the membership. The sauerkraut will be sold in one pound bags at 50 cents per bag. Kulp also announced that 50 pounds of sauerkraut was consumed by the membership and guests at the meeting.

STATE REPAIRS GIANT POT HOLE IN SALFORD TWP. — Salford Township Supervisor, John Reinford, who also serves as road superintendent, said it took two days for the crews to complete the job, but expressed gratitude to the PennDOT crews for the prompt action on the matter. The pot hole, described at the monthly meeting of the supervisors as about the largest in the state, was a serious traffic hazard, Reinford said.

FILM ON VIETNAM — "No Substitute For Victory," the full-length color film feature which depicts America's combat role against the Communists in Vietnam, will be presented Saturday, February 27 at 7 and 9 p.m. in the General Washington Room at the Valley Forge Motel, Main street, Norristown. The film is narrated by film-star John Wayne.  


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