100 Years Ago

MONTGOMERY LICENSES RENEWED — Notwithstanding that the country will go bone dry next Saturday, optimism prevails in the ranks of the Montgomery county hotelmen, five already having applied for a renewal of their licenses to sell liquor during 1920. 

TOWN TOPICS — Motion picture patrons are looking forward to the final chapter of the serial "Elmo the Mighty," which is run Wednesday evenings at the Electric Mirror Theatre. The second last chapter will be shown next Wednesday evening and the final on the evening of January 28th ... The 46th birthday anniversary of Rev. Warren Nickel was fittingly celebrated at the parsonage of Emmanuel Lutheran church on Monday evening — first a surprise turkey supper — the "Turk" being a Christmas gift of one of the Reverend's friends, and which was purposely held over to serve as a birthday dinner. But after the bird had been fattened some of his friends plotted and purloined the turkey last Saturday afternoon and when Rev. Nickel came home early in the evening he discovered his expected birthday dinner had disappeared and thought some culprit had stolen it and told many of his friends about the misfortune. But, instead friends had taken the bird, killed it, and after being cooked and roasted together with all the trimmin's, was placed on the pastor's table to which he was invited.

TELFORD — Wednesday night of last week, Mr. Clemens, of Mainland, left his automobile standing in front of the house of Fenton Miller, on Erie avenue. Between 2 and 3 o'clock some unknown parties took the auto away. At the residence of Henry Landis, north of town, the party had trouble with the engine, on account of the water having been left out to prevent it from freezing while standing in the road. The automobile was abandoned, and then the lock was broken from the garage of Elmer Y. Detweiler, residing at the Rockhill meetinghouse. Luckily, Mr. Detweiler had jacked up his car and left the air out of the tires. 

QUAKERTOWN SPINSTER WANTS HEART BALM — Miss Heller alleges that for many years prior to April 18th, 1919, there had been an understanding between them that they should be married, and that they had been in each other's company so much and so attentive to each other that it was generally understood in the community they were engaged ... For the "loss of the benefit to her of said marriage with the defendant, and maintenance and support by him, and for the disappointment, humiliation, and injury to her feelings, as well as for the loss of more than 20 years' time, during which his attention caused her to forsake the society of other men, and thereby lose the opportunity of marriage with another man," asked $10,000 in damages.

SOUDERTON GARAGE CHANGES OWNERSHIP — An important real estate as well as business deal was brought about in the sale of the Souderton Garage building, on Chestnut street, Souderton, and the repair, accessory and service station. Ellwood H. Stover, who erected the finely-arranged two-story building, and conducted the auto business (the first of its kind in Souderton) for a number of years, has sold out to B. Frank Cressman, a well known resident of Sellersville.

50 Years Ago

FOURTH ST. SLEDDERS REMINDED OF RIGHTS OF STREET RESIDENTS — Souderton Mayor Charles Allebach this week issued a reminder to sledders using Fourth st. in the borough that while the street is closed to through traffic, residents of the street must be allowed access to their homes, with no interference or uncomplimentary remarks by the sledders. "Generally speaking," Allebach said, "the behavior during this prolonged sledding period has been favorable, but we must insist that the Fourth st. residents be given proper consideration at all times." 

DAMAGES TOP $50,000 IN TODD MOTOR FIRE — The blaze, which occurred at Todd's Route 309 location, just north of Rt. 113, kept firemen from seven companies on the scene for more than six hours in temperatures that fell to six degrees. Firemen were hampered throughout the six hours by freezing water lines, a general lack of water, which required companies to run a shuttle service between Souderton and the scene, and snow that began falling as they fought the fire. 

LAYER OF SNOW CURBS ICE SKATING AT GREEN LANE — Despite the sub-zero weather of recent days and with more than two months of winter remaining, there may be no ice skating at the Upper Perkiomen Valley Park in Green Lane this season ... "The snow is acting as an insulator to prohibit the ice from thickening," Rothenberger said. "And since the ice is only three inches thick, we can't get out there to scrape the snow off."

$11.5 MILLION BOND ISSUE TO FINANCE COMMUNITY COLLEGE — The funds derived from the bond issue will be used by the Authority to build the new college campus on a 186-acre tract of ground along Route 202 (DeKalb Pike) in Whitpain Township.

SNOW VEHICLE DEALERS TAKE FACTORY COURSE — Arden Keller and Garvin Weidemoyer, of Indian Valley Camping Center, Rt. 309 and County Line rd., Souderton, have qualified as factory-trained snow vehicle mechanics, following completion of a training course at the East Brunswick Service School of Kiekhaefer Mercury, a division of the Brunswick Corporation, manufacturer of Mercury snow vehicles. 


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