100 Years Ago

$100 BALM AWARDED FOR 20 YEARS SHE LOST — Erwin S. Hillegas, 46-year-old Quakertown business man, is $9,900 richer than he might have been if a jury in the Bucks County Common Pleas Court had awarded Miss Laura Heller, aged 43 years, the full $10,000 damages she asked in a heart balm suit for "loss of 20 years time" ... Hillegas courted Miss Heller for 20 years and then married Miss Gladys Sladensky, aged 24 years, of Quakertown ... Hillegas sat in the Court room when the verdict was read and his face was all smiles when the clerk announced the result ... Miss Heller did not go to Doylestown to hear the findings of the jury. Instead she returned to her Quakertown home and to her work in a cigar factory. She was informed over the telephone that she had been awarded $100. "Is that so?" she said, and was laughing when she hung up the receiver of the telephone. 

FACES FILLED WITH POWDER — Two sons, John and Daniel, of Daniel Handschin, Jr., of Garisville, had their faces burned with powder as the charge in an old muzzle-loader shot gun discharged, after the powder exploded from being hammered. The boys had mixed the powder themselves and loaded the gun with peas, preparatory to shooting birds. Dr. N. G. Allebach, of Souderton, was called, and dressed the burns, which on John's face were severe.

TELFORD — Lloyd, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry S. Wile, while wrestling with his older brother, Paul, had the misfortune of falling and spraining his leg. He is now walking on crutches ... Weakened by time and the elements of weather, the weather vane on the steeple of the West Telford school building was blown over by the high wind, one day last week, and is now leaning towards the east. 

WILL NOW USE HIS CASKET — A casket that Walter E. A. Ziegler, of Allentown, made for his funeral more than 25 years ago will now be utilized, he having died following a long illness. He was 71 years of age and an expert coffinmaker. For many years he was employed by an Allentown undertaker and, before retiring more than a quarter of a century ago, he made a solid walnut casket in which he expressed a wish to be buried when his death should occur. It has been stored all these years in his former employer's establishment. 

GIRL ELECTROCUTED CROSSING A STREET — Edith, 14-year-old daughter of Frank Hershbell, of Allentown, met death returning from Sunday school on Sunday. Jumping across a puddle in crossing a street she came in contact with a guy wire connected with an electric light pole. The wire was charged and she was instantly electrocuted. 

50 Years Ago

SCHOOL BOARD DECIDES AGAINST SWIMMING POOL — The Souderton Area School Board announced at their meeting Monday night they had made the decision not to include a pool in the new junior high school or in the planned renovations to the senior high school ... The board listed the uncertainty of state aid, and the estimated high cost of the pool itself as major factors in their decision not to build the pool.

In remarks after the meeting, Dr. Miles K. Detwiler, vice president of the board, said the vote on the pool was not unanimous, but that the statement does represent the opinion of the majority of the board ... Board President Robert Godshall also pointed out that the present decision does not mean that the district will never have a pool. He said that if more federal aid became available for such a project, the board would certainly consider it at a later date. 

SCHOOL TO PURCHASE 20-ACRE SITE IN LOWER SALFORD TWP. — The tract, owned by Mrs. Anna M. Nesmith, of 465 Moyer rd., will eventually become the location of an elementary school to serve the growing Harleysville area.

SOUDERTON PLANT MANAGER RETIRES — Joseph Lerro, of Lansdale, retired as plant manager of the Sun-Lite Shop, 150 S. Front street, Souderton, on December 31, 1970 after serving with J. Schoenemann, Inc., for more than 31 years.

Lerro, born in Stella Cilento Province, Italy, came to the United States in 1914 with his parents who settled in Philadelphia. After quitting school at 15, he served three years as a tailor's apprentice and then opened his own custom-tailoring business.

FRANCONIA LIONS HEAR PASTOR — The speaker for the meeting was Rev. Paul Kramp, pastor of the Little Zion Lutheran Church, Franconia Township, and a member of the local Lions Club. 

Pastor Kramp showed films of his and his family's vacation trip to England, Germany and Switzerland during the summer of 1970. He also showed the club slides he had taken of the Passion Play at Oberammergau in the Bavarian Alps during this same trip.  

GRAND VIEW RECEIVES NEW DIAGNOSTIC UNIT — The new diagnostic machine, purchased at a cost of $12,000, was made possible through a sequence of annual Lawn Fete activities conducted last spring ... Dr. William Siegle, department director, said the diagnostic machine, by the use of radioisotope material inserted in the patient, measures the rate of blood flow through a particular organ in the body being studied. This rate, compared to a series of norms, enables the doctor to determine how well the organ in question is functioning. 


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