100 Years Ago

SCHOENEMAN PANTS MAKERS HAVE OUTING — Whatever last Saturday brought forth for any one else, the 150 employees of the J. Schoeneman Co. pants factory, Souderton, had a most pleasant outing at Spring Mount ... The party was conveyed to the beautiful playground along the Perkiomen by trucks, all decorated. It was a happy crowd that went and a happier crowd that came home, as during the day everything was placed at the disposal of the employees, and it was all gratis, the Schoeneman Co. paying for the ice cream, and soft drinks, the boats and what-not. 

TOWN TOPICS — The new pumper was received from the builders last Saturday and a number of tests made which proved quite satisfactory. The much-needed fire apparatus was placed in the Borough hall, and our firemen are highly pleased with it ... Tinsmith A. R. Young's horse, hitched to a buggy, ran away yesterday (Thursday) morning, from South Front street. The horse was stopped near the Railway milk platform, on North Front street, without much damage resulting ... The meetings under the tent at the corner of Railroad avenue and East Summit street are being largely attended and enthusiasm in the Community Bible Conference is running high. The meetings are conducted every evening beginning at 8 o'clock, and will continue until next Sunday evening. They are being conducted by the Brethren in Christ Church.

TENDERED KITCHEN SHOWER — Mrs. Robert Barndt, of near Tylersport, was given a kitchen shower by about 75 of her friends, Tuesday evening. They brought the small and large articles — all needed in the household, and the gifts were highly appreciated.

GRAND VIEW HOSPITAL NURSES' COMMENCEMENT — This annual event is of more than usual interest locally because of the wide community concern that Grand View enjoys ... In his address to the graduates Dr. Waidelich gave a "snap shot of an ideal nurse." He stated that the work of an ideal nurse is not entirely physical or mental, but that her duties called for the spiritual as well; her work is with the heart, the head and the hand.

OVER NIAGARA FALLS IN BARREL TO DEATH — Charles G. Stephens, of Bristol, England, was killed on Sunday when he went over the Horseshoe Falls, at Niagara Falls, N.Y., in a barrel. The cask in which he made the trip, though built of stout Russian oak staves and bound with steel hoops, smashed like an eggshell on the jagged rocks at the base of the cataract ... Stephens, who boasted the title of "daredevil," was 58 years old and has a wife and 11 children in Bristol, where he was a barber ... He had planned to make a lecture tour of England if his trip was successful.

50 Years Ago

LOCAL RAID NETS YOUTH WITH DRUGS — The raid was conducted by Telford Police Chief Charles Miller, and officer Douglas Bickel, and Souderton Chief Paul Wolf in a joint operation ... Chief Miller said this was the first actual arrest on a drug charge made by his department, and it unfortunately indicates that Telford is not immune from the drug problem. 

SAAC BUYS FORMER 20TH CENTURY BUILDING — The Senior Adult Activity Center has announced the purchase of the former 20th Century Club Building at Main and Central ave., Souderton from the officers of the now defunct club ... Presently SAAC is headquartered in the basement of the old fire house on Main street ... Some extensive renovations would be necessary to the new property before it could be used for SAAC activities the spokesman said. 

MENNONITE BOARD ELECTS TWO MEMBERS — For the first time in its history, the Mennonite Board of Missions and Charities, which conducted its 64th annual international conference July [illegible numeral] to 7 in Lansdale, elected a Spanish-speaking church member and a woman as Board members-at-large. 

COUNTY PLANNERS POSTPONE DECISION ON NUCLEAR PLANT — The Montgomery County Planning Commission will urge the Delaware River Basin Commission to postpone any decision involving the proposed nuclear generating plant in Limerick Township until after Atomic Energy Commission hearings next spring ... Last month, County Commissioners A. Russell Parkhouse, Frank W. Jenkins and Daniel T. Costello submitted evidence before a Basin Commission hearing supporting a Bucks County plan to increase the diversion of water from the Delaware River for use by both Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

However, the County testimony made it clear the County was neither supporting or opposing the planned nuclear generating plant, although some of the water to be diverted would go to the plant in Limerick Township. 

SALFORD TO CURB RECKLESS DRIVING — Automobile traffic and summer camp activities don't mix, particularly when the autos are being driven by teens bent on harassment and vandalism. 

This was part of the plea brought before the July meeting of the Salford Township Board of Supervisors last week in Tylersport by the operator of a summer camp in the township.

Gerald Stein, operator of Camp Green Lane, appeared at the meeting to ask the supervisors to place drastic curbs on traffic along Green Lane Camp Road, a township road that cuts through the summer camp. 

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