100 Years Ago

LIGHTNING DOES HEAVY DAMAGE — During the storm, Sunday afternoon, lightning caused two barn fires in the Salford valley. The big barn on the farm of John W. Bergey, near Lederach, was struck. The members of the family were able to rescue the live stock, in face of a terrific wind storm, but the new hay and other crops proved a ready prey to the flames ... Just as the flames seemed to envelop the house, the rain came and thus the loss was confined to the barn and outbuildings with their contents, causing a loss of $2,500. 

LATEST NEWS FROM ALL SECTIONS — Five persons are known to have been killed, a machinist is believed to have been burned to death, at least 50 persons injured, and a United States Army plane and 14 automobiles destroyed last Sunday afternoon, when a Martin bombing aircraft, after flying a short distance over the Langdon flying field, at Moundsville, W. Va., suddenly tilted and crashed into a group of automobiles, pinning the occupants beneath it ... In sight of her 9-year-old son, Mrs. Stephen Ellow, of Northampton, met a horrible death last Saturday evening. She walked from the house toward the Central Railroad, and in some manner fell under the last car of a wheel cutting off her head. The son said she went up against the train as though bewildered. She was 34 years old and the mother of six children.

TOWN TOPICS — Roscoe, son of Jacob R. Barndt, and Wallace Kulp, who had enlisted in the regular army for a term of years, have been released owing to the fact that Uncle Sam is reducing his standing army and any one requesting such release it will be granted with an honorable discharge.

TELFORD — John Moyer, Raymond Kulp and Ernest Wolf, of this place, and Floyd G. Frederick, of Souderton, were on a fishing trip to Anglesea, N. J., on Monday, and landed 80 nice sea bass. Of course they had a fine time but the rocking of their fishing smack caused quite an upheaval in the stomach of John Moyer and Raymond Kulp, who gave up all they had to the fishes in the briny deep. While Mr. Wolf and Mr. Frederick deny having an attack of seasickness they nevertheless were glad to reach terra firma. 

SHAVES AFTER 60 YEARS — Lansing Grant, 98, of Houston, Texas, celebrating a visit to his "kid" brother, H. J. Grant, of California, 91, whom he had not seen in 60 years, had a barber cut off the beard that had taken Lansing three score years to acquire. When last seen the "boys" were headed in search of a photographer.

50 Years Ago

SALFORD-FRANCONIA POLICE COOPERATION IS CONSIDERED  The possibility of Salford Township receiving police protection from Franconia Township was suggested by a Salford resident at Thursday's meeting of the Salford Township Board of Supervisors in Tylersport ... Several residents complained that it now takes a time-consuming toll call to reach the state police in the new location. Emil Steglik, vice chairman of the board of supervisors, said that the board is constantly reviewing the question of a local police force, but the high costs compared to the quality of protection argues in favor of relying on the state police. 

YOUTH INJURED —A 13-year-old local youth was treated for a laceration of the leg at Grand View Hospital Thursday, following a collision involving a bicycle and an automobile at the Indian Valley Junior High School, Harleysville. Police said Dwayne Nice, of 428 Morwood road, Earlington, was riding his bike through the parking lot of the junior high school when he rammed into the side of a driver-training car, operated by Arthur P. Nau, Jr., 43, of 160 School lane, Souderton. 

WEIDNER OPPOSES BILL TO OUTLAW HANDGUNS — Rep. Marvin D. Weidner (R-Bucks) announced today his "unalterable opposition" to a bill introduced in the General Assembly last week to outlaw the use of handguns by Pennsylvania sportsmen ... "The facts are that a great many hunters prefer to seek both small and big game with handguns, instead of the long rifle. In 1968, for example, 320 resident and 12 non-resident handgunners killed a total of 332 deer throughout the state" ... "I, for one, am convinced that if this bill ever did become law the only persons who would voluntarily turn in their weapons would be these same law-abiding Pennsylvania sportsmen, leaving the thousands of guns now in the hands of convicted criminals, known dope addicts and degenerates right where they are now." 

WORKER KILLED IN FREAK ACCIDENT — Leroy K. Linsenbigler, Noble street and Washington avenue, Sellersville, a salvage yard workman in the Wilcox Used Auto Parts Co., Route 309, West Rockhill Township, was working between two cars that had been tilted on their sides when one of the vehicles fell on the victim.

WINS MAILBOX — Mrs. F. Robert Wright, of 145 Orchard lane, Hatfield, has won a mailbox in the National Hardware Retailer Association's Happy Home Sweepstakes held throughout the United States last April. Mrs. Wright participated in the contest by depositing her coupon at the Estate of George S. Snyder, Inc., 1700 Hatfield Valley road, Hatfield, a member of the association. 


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