100 Years Ago 

DEMPSEY RETAINS TITLE — Jack Dempsey, heavyweight champion of the world, knocked out Georges Carpentier, Europe's war hero and ring champion, in the fourth round at Jersey City, N. J., Saturday afternoon ... The attendance was over 100,000, and the gate receipts $1,500,000.

J. SCHOENEMAN CO. TO OPEN ANOTHER FACTORY IN SOUDERTON — It is stated the firm will close its Baltimore factory, and move the machinery and other fixtures here. Alterations are already being made to convert the interior of the building suitable for the manufacture of coats and pants, and it is expected to start operations in the near future ... The opening of a new factory is certainly welcome industrial news, and the town feels elated in gaining this additional enterprise.

LATEST NEWS FROM ALL SECTIONS — To attract more persons to Elmwood Park, Norristown's public playground, Council will install amusement devices ... Running into the street in front of his home to see the result of a collision of automobiles, Earl, 10-year-old son of Harry Mansell, of Allentown, was run down by a truck and seriously injured.

3,800 MENNONITES MIGRATE FROM CANADA TO FLORIDA — Nearly $5,000,000 is involved, but it is more in exchange of properties than in money. Objection to Mennonites, not as Christian people but as political factors, has been made in places, but Florida has not raised her voice, so far as known, and is not expected to do so ... These Mennonites hold a number of doctrines not held by all Christians, and some of these doctrines have been misunderstood by political leaders. One tenet is that of non-resistance, and refusal to take part in war in any form ... Another unusual doctrine, unusual because proclaimed by a few Christians only, is that of feet washing as a religious ceremony ... A third doctrine, not held however by all Mennonites, is that of property in common. Such has been the practice of the Mennonite colony in Northwest Canada, but it is not held or practiced by all. This communistic plan extends to property only, and does not reach to the family relation. And even the property interest relates to that which can be well done in common, as the construction of roads, the building of schools and of homes, and is little more than a liberal extension of the public utilities plans followed by all American communities.

STATE CHARITIES DEALT HARD BLOW — Many big charitable institutions were dealt a severe blow last Friday when the Supreme Court, in an opinion by Chief Justice von Moschzisker, declared unconstitutional all State appropriations to sectarian or denominational charities, thereby ending a fight which has extended over a number of years. While the suits decided were directed against only five institutions, the decision is very sweeping and will bar the payment of millions of dollars appropriated by the last Legislature to hospitals and other institutions all over the State, many of which depended on the State aid for their very existence. 

50 Years Ago

SOUDERTON SEWER RATES BOOSTED 19 PERCENT — Tuesday's action boosted the rates an average of 19 percent over those of the past year. But Council President Samuel Schuler said new state requirements regarding elimination of phosphates and nitrates from effluent will probably double operating costs and necessitate considerable capital expenditures for expansion and other upgrading. Schuler also added that new regional sewage legislation under consideration may require the borough to provide sewage service to areas of Franconia and Hilltown townships now without service, which would add again to operating costs and major expansion financing. 

PUBLIC SEWERS SEEN AS 'MUST' FOR HILLTOWN — Consideration is being given since the township was recently cited by the State Department of Environmental Resources for permitting sewage to be discharged into area streams. The state said in a letter to the township that the only solution to the existing sewage problem is a public system. The township has resisted such a move in the past. 

HARLEYSVILLE SWIM TEAM THUMPS PENNRIDGE, 232-148 — Sitting atop of the league standings, Harleysville got triple win performances out of Dave Gillen, Kathy Dorsch and Mary Ann Dorsch ... Gillen's 50 meter breaststroke mark of 35.3 set a new pool record as did Kathy Dorsch's 25 meter butterfly mark of 18.5. Other records set during the victory by Harleysville included a 138.5 point total by Jeff Wolf in the boys diving competition and a 2:20.9 mark in the boys 14 and under 200 meter medley race. 

10,000 BOOKS SHIPPED TO OVERSEAS LIBRARIES — A total of 317 cases holding 10,000 books, were shipped Wednesday by the World Wide Book Foundation of the Souderton-Telford Rotary Club. One-fourth of the books were destined for Taiwan, and the remainder went to Puerto Rico. 

SCHWEIKER SAYS DRUG PROBLEM IS GROWING NATIONAL EPIDEMIC — Drug dependence, particularly heroin addiction, is a national epidemic that is spreading across America like a cancer, two United States Senators said Sunday. That conclusion came during a discussion of drug abuse in America and the Armed Forces by Senators Richard S. Schweiker (R. Pa.) and Harold Hughes (D. Iowa), in a radio-television show taped for broadcast in Pennsylvania ... Heroin addiction, according to the senators, is responsible for 50 percent of the street crime in America. It is growing rapidly in our large and small cities. Heroin is available and easy to buy, particularly in the urban areas, addiction is difficult to treat and little concern is being expressed over the problem, the senators said. 


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