100 Years Ago

GERMANS SIGN TREATY WHICH BRINGS PEACE BACK TO THE WORLD — World peace was signed and sealed in the historic Hall of Mirrors at Versailles, France, Saturday afternoon, June 28th, but under circumstances which somewhat dimmed the expectations of those who had worked and fought during long years of war and months of negotiations for its achievement ... Under the circumstances, the general tone of sentiment in the historic sitting was one rather of relief at the uncontrovertible end of hostilities than of complete and unalloyed satisfaction. 

PRESIDENT PLEADS FOR TREATY AS GREAT CHARTER FOR NEW ORDER — It associates the free government of the world in a permanent league in which they are pledged to use their united power to maintain peace by maintaining right and justice. It makes international law a reality supported by imperative sanctions. 

4TH COMMENCEMENT SCHOOL FOR NURSES — The fourth commencement exercises of the Training School for Nurses of Grand View Hospital, Sellersville, will be held in Emmanuel Lutheran church, Souderton, on Wednesday evening, July 9th, beginning at 8 o'clock.

The graduates number three — Miss Pearl Minninger Stoudt, of Quakertown; Miss Edna Minnie Fletcher, Miss Gladys Oberholtzer Wood, of Telford. 

TOWN TOPICS — Borough Council has exonerated all of our town's soldiers from paying occupation taxes for 1919 ... An additional chair, making the fifth, has been placed in the Faust barber shop, on Main street. Mr. Faust has also purchased a new cash register.

FROM ALL SECTIONS — Caught between automobiles while cranking her own machine, Mrs. La Mar Wilson, of Pottstown, suffered severe injuries ... Admission in Court, at Doylestown, by Mrs. Samuel Buskirk that she hit her husband over the head with a plate, cutting a long gash, led to dismissal of her suit against him for non-support ... Graduated from the Norristown High School last Friday and married on Saturday was the experience of Lawrence Noles, son of a Norristown merchant and Court interpreter. He is 19 and his bride, Miss Angeline Tornetta, 15.

50 Years Ago

NEW OWNER FOR SOUDERTON MARKET — Daub's Market, a Souderton grocery store established 35 years ago at 23 N. Second st., changed owners Tuesday for the first time in its history. 

Lawrence A. Daub, owner for the past 35 years, said he will continue to work at the store as manager under new owner Joseph M. Musselman.

OVER $1 MILLION IN FIRE EQUIPMENT TO BE DISPLAYED IN GOODWILL PARADE — Over $1 million worth of fire-fighting equipment is expected to be on display for the public next Saturday, July 12, when the North Penn Goodwill Service, Inc., of Souderton, celebrates its 20th anniversary and dedicates its new $30,000 headquarters building. 

More than 70 fire trucks will be displayed at the Goodwill Building, on E. Church st. in Souderton, ranging from a 1917-vintage Ford chemical pumper up to the very latest 1969 models. 

TRAFFIC JAM SLOWS TRIP TO HOSPITAL, CHILD BORN IN CAR — Mrs. Moyer, expecting a child, had decided the time had come to get to the hospital — Grand View in Sellersville. Coming from Dublin with Mr. Moyer driving with all possible haste, the couple arrived in the middle of Sellersville just as employees from local industries were getting out of work.

Mother Nature just won't wait for anything, not even a traffic tie-up, and Timothy Mark arrived in the Moyer's car, in downtown Sellersille, at about 4:15 p.m. The car, now with three passengers instead of two, arrived at the hospital at about 4:20.

STATE QUERIES SCHOOL BOARD ON CO. LINE CROSSING STATUS — B. Anton Hess, commissioner for basic education with the DPI, in a letter to the local school board, asks in regard to the student crossing situation at County Line rd. in Souderton, "May I be advised of the school board's action or have an explanation of its reason for ignoring the safety of its pupils?" 

Hess was recently apprised of the situation at County Line rd. in Souderton, where local students cross the busy highway throughout the school day to get from the school buildings on the Montgomery County side to athletic facilities on the Bucks County side. 

OLD FASHIONED DAYS PRIZE WINNERS LISTED — Mrs. Jerome Slear, Wile ave., Souderton, was the grand prize winner. She won the 1961 Plymouth Station Wagon donated by H. W. Kuhn, Inc., Telford. The car was filled with $150.00 worth of merchandise from participating merchants.  


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