100 Years Ago

WILL PRODUCE HIGH GRADE CIGARS — The Pent Bros. Co., pioneer cigar manufacturers of Souderton, have joined with the H. Sommer's Co., with the intention of featuring high class work.

Souderton and its cigarmakers should feel very proud to have this enterprise, for it is the intention of the new Company to make this factory a gem, and the management will endeavor to manufacture very high class cigars. 

DRYS BEAT EFFORT TO LEGALIZE BEER — There was the utmost confusion at times, despite vigorous whacks with a gavel, and some of the prohibition leaders applauded every move in their favor. The galleries, filled largely with women and officers of anti-liquor organizations, broke into applause when the House roared its disapproval of 2¾ per cent. beer. 

MIXED FIRST ICE CREAM SODA — Joseph R. Royer, who claimed to be the inventor of the ice cream soda, is dead at Lancaster, at the age of 84 years. He was one of the oldest confectioners in that city and many men in the business today, including M. S. Hershey, the chocolate king, learned candy making from him. 

LATEST NEWS FROM ALL SECTIONS — Lansdale is to have its telegraph service restored ... When the Allentown Board of Education decided it would not re-employ married women teachers six immediately tendered their resignations ... Nine-year old Mary Horn, of Perkasie, landed a 13-inch bass, without assistance, while veteran fishermen looked on ... Not trusting banks, Joe Fullman, of Allentown, hid his savings of more than $700 under his bed, but while he was attending a picnic the money was stolen.

SOLDIER DENIES HIS DEATH — A nurse who said she lived at Quakertown, arrived at Catasauqua Saturday, by automobile to hunt up the parents of Ralph Snyder, a soldier, and inform them that their son had died from wounds in a French hospital and to tell them how bravely he had made the supreme sacrifice ... But Ralph Snyder himself opened the door in response to her knock and officially denied that he was dead ... It is thought that some other soldier used his name or that another Ralph Snyder died.

50 Years Ago

SCHOOL DISTRICT TO PURCHASE $230,000 TRACT FOR JR. HIGH — Although a firm price was not set at the meeting, it was indicated the school district would pay somewhere in the vicinity of $250,000 for the 40.47 acres, the bulk of which are in Franconia township, but with some of the property lying in both Souderton and Telford Boroughs ... School officials pointed out the tract is ideally located. Borough water and sewer facilities are readily available, and because of its proximity to the major population centers, the bulk of students will be able to walk to school, thus cutting transportation costs. 

MAYORS URGE FLYING THE FLAG IN SUPPORT OF APOLLO ASTRONAUTS — Mayors Curtis A. Nyce, of Souderton, and Irwin S. Detweiler, of Telford, yesterday issued a joint proclamation calling for residents of the twin communities to fly their flags as a gesture of support, hope, and prayer for the success of the Apollo 11's historic flight ... The trio blasted off from Cape Kennedy, Fla., at 9:32 a.m. Wednesday, and about three hours later were blasted out of the embrace of the earth's gravity toward the moon. After maneuvering into moon orbit, Armstrong and Aldrin are scheduled to take a landing craft to the moon's surface for man's first landing there, and then to take man's first walk on the moon.

LUNAR MODULE USES SPRINGS MADE IN HATFIELD — An RW Neg'ator constant force spring, manufactured by Hunter Spring Division of AMETEK, Inc., Hatfield, is the driving force that will kick the landing legs of the Apollo lunar module into position before its landing on the moon.

MANY ATTEND PARADE, DEDICATION FOR GOODWILL SERVICE HEADQUARTERS — Construction on the new headquarters was begun in 1966 and the structure's shell was completed in 1967 by Harleysville contractor, Robert M. Koffel. Since then, members of the Goodwill Service have contributed more than 2,000 man-hours to complete construction. 

VIETNAM VETERANS TO ATTEND COUNTY ALL-STAR FOOTBALL TILT — Wounded Vietnam veterans from Valley Forge General Hospital will again be special guests at the Annual Montgomery County All-Star Game ... "We are gratified that people have remembered the Vets again this year," Stevens commented. "These generous individuals and groups provide a service both to handicapped children and to the boys at Valley Forge General," he added. 


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