100 Years Ago

GUIDED BICYCLE IN FRONT OF AUTO — A very sad accident occurred late Thursday afternoon, June 2nd, at about 5.45 o'clock, when Ernest Walter, son of Samuel W. and Aurelia P. Hunsberger, of Noble street, Souderton, met practically instant death by being struck by an auto owned and operated by John Fargo, of East Walnut street, Souderton ... Witnesses of the accident declare the boy raced on his bicycle on the left side of Noble street in going westward and when near Second street and several feet ahead of the auto steered the wheel directly in front of it, and was caught by the bumper of the right side of the car, and thrown to the ground. It is quite probable that the car passed over him, but may not have caused the injuries which caused his death, as it is generally supposed the bumper or the fall to the ground crushed the side of his head, causing concussion of the brain.

KRATZ HEARD FROM — Clayton Kratz, of Blooming Glen, who has been "missing" for months in Russia, where he had been sent as a relief worker, has been heard from. A Mr. Unruh, of Russia, wrote to his brother in Kansas that Mr. Kratz was captured by the Reds on January 28th, 1921, and taken to Moscow, charged with being a spy. When captured Mr. Kratz had some papers signed by General Wrangel in his possession. Suspense is thus relieved, and it is hoped Mr. Kratz will soon be released. 

TELFORD — Daylight saving is not appreciated by most of our people, and there is a general mix up of watch setting ... Street Commissioner Wilson Reed is busily engaged in putting a coat of crushed cinder and tarvia on the principal streets of the town this week. No more dust!

TOWN TOPICS — Borough Council is looking into the matter of procuring signs to be used at the street corners, preparatory to the requirements to have village free delivery of mail. It is urged that householders place the proper numbers at their places, as the Postoffice Department will not start this service until all streets are named and paper signs put up and street numbers on the houses.

CAT LEAPS INTO FODDER CUTTER — While William F. Rosenberger was engaged in operating a fodder cutter at his farm above Hatfield a cat jumped into the machine. The feline was cut in twain. The two halves of the cat's anatomy were thrown from the mouth of the cutter. One-half hit Mr. Rosenberger above the eye and inflicted a gash. The other half struck him on the right arm with such force that the muscles were torn. 

50 Years Ago

STORCK FOUND GUILTY: 1ST DEGREE MURDER — Ronald Eugene Storck, the self-confessed murderer of John and Mary Brickajlik and their 11-year-old grandson, William, was found guilty of murder in the first degree in Bucks County Court, June 2. Storck, a Perkasie handyman, said he was "assigned" to murder the elderly couple by an unnamed "right-wing" organization because they were "members of the American Communist Party" ... While under cross-examination, Storck denied that his motive for entering the home was robbery. Under direct examination, Storck did admit that he had stolen $116,000 from the couple. 

COUNCILMEN HAVE A HEART - SUPPORT YOUTH PROJECT OUT OF THEIR POCKETS — Council had been approached during the course of the meeting for limited financial support of a new 'coffeehouse' in Souderton, and had voted against channeling tax monies into the project. But at close of the meeting, the body held an informal meeting and pulled a total of $100 out of their own pockets to donate to the organization.

GRADUATION THURSDAY FOR SHS SENIORS — Keith Alderfer, class president; Pam Nolf, valedictorian, and Becky Sellani, salutatorian, will be the student speakers. 

SEVERAL INNOVATIONS SET FOR OLD FASHIONED DAYS — Another new item this year will be the blocking off of Main street on Saturday for a concentrated sidewalk sale in the center of town. Participating merchants will move their displays into the street for a mall effect. 




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