100 Years Ago

LOSES HAND, KEEPS NERVE — "Mother, I am bleeding to death. Rush a doctor here." This was a message telephoned by Frederick R. Gillender, Jr., a young farmer, living near Montgomeryville, just after his arm had been caught in a fodder cutter and severed between the wrist and the elbow, to his mother in Lansdale. After the hand had been severed Gillender, with amazing fortitude, threw off the power from the machine, rushed into the farmhouse and called his mother by telephone. Then he tore a tourniquet for the mangled arm. After that he sat down and calmly awaited the arrival of a physician. 

TOWN TOPICS — About 9.45 o'clock last Friday evening, fire was discovered issuing from the one and a half story barn on the rear of Station Agent Morris D. Zendt's property, North Main street. Grocer E. G. Yocum, the son-in-law, had been in the barn about 10 minutes before and noticed the blaze and sparks flying from a bedroom window as he was about to retire. The fire alarm was sounded. Neighbors responded, and formed a bucket brigade. The Fire Co. had a hard time getting the chemical and hose carts to the scene because of the blinding snow storm that evening. While much of the structure and contents were destroyed with a loss of about $600, partly insured, the firemen very successfully fought the flames and in a very short time extinguished them, besides saving neighboring barns and smaller buildings. 

KILLED BY CHIMNEY FALL — Mrs. Lola Frey Fuentes, of Lansdale, left Tuesday for Boston in response to a telegram that her husband, Jack M. Fuentes, was killed when a chimney from the hotel blew over in the storm on Saturday and the bricks were hurled through a window into the bedroom where he was sleeping ... Mr. Fuentes was leader of the hotel orchestra. 

GRACE CHURCH NOTES — The Bible school was a period of inspiration for every boy and girl. Enthusiastic youngsters will tunnel thru snowbanks if they can't "go over the top," in order not to disappoint their teachers and enjoy a happy hour of song and Bible instruction. 

CONTENTS OF SHOT GUN KILL CONSHOHOCKEN GIRL — Fannie Gudez, aged 8, of Conshohocken, was killed, Saturday afternoon when the contents of one barrel of a shot gun entered the child's face on the right side and plowed a hole through her head. The girl is believed to have been the victim of the action of a 4-year-old brother, when the two found the weapon, both barrels of which were loaded, at the time in the second floor room of the family abode. 

50 Years Ago

FEED MILL OPERATION PROTESTED IN HILLTOWN — A number of Hilltown Township residents and businessmen recently submitted a petition carrying 56 names to township supervisors claiming a feed mill operation in the section of the township north of Route 113 and along Route 309 is causing a severe air pollution and health problem ... The board told those present at the meeting that they felt the township could not take action against the Greater Valley Feed Mill, which makes animal feed from left-over bread products, because the steps the township could take would not lessen the problem to any great extent. The supervisors indicated the complaints should be taken to other agencies outside the township, such as the Bucks County Department of Health or State air pollution control agencies.

VOLUNTEERS SOUGHT FOR 'PATTERNING' SESSIONS — George, now 27, suffered severe head injuries in an automobile accident in 1962, resulting in the impairment of speech and motor functions.  His parents said this week that through years of patterning, George has shown "wonderful progress."  Mrs. Bissland told the Independent there are no special abilities needed to participate in the patterning sessions, which last for only about seven minutes.

POWELL ADVANCES TO STATE SEMI'S WITH IMPRESSIVE PIN — Alan Powell, Souderton's 120-pound wrestling ace, advanced to the PIAA semi-final wrestling championships Friday night following an impressive victory via the pin over Manheim Township's Jeff Duke at the State Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg. The win was the 11th time this season that Powell has won via the pin.

'MARCH FOR VIETNAM' COMMITTEE FORMED — Co-ordination of plans locally for the April 4 March for Victory in Washington, D.C., will be handled by the committee. A spokesman for the committee said "the primary purpose of the Victory March is to dramatize the fact that a military victory, followed by troop withdrawal, is the only honorable way to achieve peace in Vietnam. A majority of the military leaders feel that victory is attainable with fewer casualties than we will suffer if our present policy continues." 

SEX EDUCATION TO BE TOPIC FOR HOME & SCHOOL ASSNS — "Sex Education in the School" will be the topic of a joint meeting of the Home & School Association of the Telford and E. M. Crouthamel elementary schools, Monday at 8 at the Telford school.  A short Walt Disney film, "The Story of Menstruation," will be shown at the meeting, for the benefit of fifth and sixth grade students attending. 


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