100 Years Ago

FROM ALL SECTIONS — Aroused from sleep by their dog barking in an attached kitchen about 2 o'clock in the morning, Mr. and Mrs. James Gates, of East Rockhill township, investigated and found the room filled with smoke. Mr. Gates was prevented by the smoke and fire from getting to the door leading to the attachment, which was on fire. Mrs. Gates hurried over the ice without shoes and clad in night dress, to inform the nearest neighbors. Several thus summoned came but were able to save very little. The house, furniture, provisions, wearing apparel, about 30 bushels of potatoes were all consumed and the dog also perished, which they sadly lament.

TOWN TOPICS — A. R. Young, the slater and tinsmith, East Summit street, has the sole agency in this section for an asbestos stove lining clay, which he recommends to last longer than the ordinary stove brick. Mr. Young would be glad to demonstrate this product to prospective customers ... The 16th and last episode of the serial, "Perils of Thunder Mountain," will be shown at the Electric Mirror Theatre, next Saturday evening. A new serial will be started on Saturday evening, March 27th, entitled, "Smashing Barriers," with William Duncan and Edith Johnson as the leading characters.

BETTER ORGANIZATION FOR SUNDAY SCHOOLS — Promotions of pupils should be regularly made, but teachers should never be promoted with the pupils, said Superintendent Harry J. Shellenberger, of Doylestown. Teachers should remain at a stated place that they may become more efficient in certain phases of Sunday school work taught to pupils of a certain age. By this plan pupils would also come in contact with many different teachers in their course through Sunday school from childhood to adult life. There were many at the conference, however, who expressed their belief in the old system of passing teachers with the pupils notwithstanding that the administration department characterized the plan as antiquated and altogether out of date. 

BUCKS COUNTY GIRLS SHY LEAP YEAR PRIVILEGE — Bucks county girls are not taking advantage of the Leap Year liberty ... Thirty-three licenses were issued during the month, and that is less than the average for the month. Instead of jumping at the chance of "popping the question," as is the woman's privilege this year — and month, particularly — it may safely be assumed the ladies are abnormally shy even of accepting offers, fearing, of course, they might be suspected of having precipitated the wooing! Or it may be that the near approach of suffrage and equal rights, and all that sort of thing, y'know, has fostered a spirit of independence and brought enlistments to the bachelor girl brigade. 

SELLERSVILLE — The United States Gauge Company is running a day and night shift in some of their departments, in order to catch up with their orders.

50 Years Ago

LOCAL GROUPS PLAN TO REVIVE COASTER DERBY — The Souderton Board of Trade and the Souderton-Telford Jaycees have announced they are making tentative plans to hold a coaster Derby in Souderton at the end of June ... Officials of the two groups said they believed the time was ripe to bring back what was at one time a big attraction in town, and a lot of fun for many youngsters.

EARLY BRETHREN MEETINGHOUSE CONSIDERED FOR NATIONAL SHRINE — Recent vandalism at the site of the Klein Meetinghouse and burial ground, just off Route 113, near Harleysville, has spurred the Park and Recreation Commission of Franconia Township to consider maintaining the property as the start of a historic sites preservation program for the township ... The meetinghouse had its historic beginning on Christmas Day in 1843 when the Brethren and a number of Mennonites from the area joined together for the dedication. Pine and stone from the surrounding area were used in the construction.The adjoining cemetery contains the grave of the first ordained bishop of the church, Peter Becker. Becker is credited with bringing the first boatload of the Brethren to America in 1719. 

UNION MEMBERS TO DEMONSTRATE IN SOUDERTON — A demonstration is planned in Souderton today (Thursday) by members of the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, local 119, it was reported this week. A spokesman for the union said the demonstration is in protest of the import of items in competition with items made by members of the union.

TELFORD MAN WINS OVERSEAS TRIP IN ESSAY CONTEST — C. David Baker, of Telford R.D.1, has won an award of an all-expense trip to the Middle East and Palestine for a winning essay on "Lenin, A False Prophet" ... Dr. McIntire, president of the International Council of Christian Churches and director of the Broadcast, arranged for the essay contest to offset a similar contest being conducted by the Communists in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin on April 22, 1970. The Communists have awarded the winners of their contest free trips to Moscow ... Essays of the 12 winners are being published in a book for distribution in high schools and on college campuses around the world.

JOINT POOL PROJECT HEADS FOR COMPLETION — The long-awaited West Rockhill-Sellersville community swimming pool and recreation complex should open its doors to the public on Memorial Day ... The swimming pool complex which is part of a $335,000 recreation facility under construction on the former Holiday House tract located north of Sellersville, will have an 11,000 sq. foot surface and will contain 370,000 gallons of water to keep underground pressure during the winter from lifting the new concrete. 


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