100 Years Ago

AUTOMOBILES EXTEND SCOPE OF SCHOOLS — "The automobile is proving its value as a part of the school equipment of both country and city schools," says Fred K. Cressman, Manager of the Souderton Garage. "It has extended the scope of rural education. In the past the little red schoolhouse attracted to its classes only such pupils as could make their way to it afoot or by a slow 'hitch.' Now rural schools as a class are larger and more modern structures equipped for the study of higher subjects than were the country schools of a few years ago, and classes are made up of pupils who live in a wide range of territory ... In some districts men teachers are employed to drive the school buses. This serves to discourage truancy."

HARLEYSVILLE — The home of Rev. Rhine Alderfer is again quarantined for scarlet fever. It is reported that the children are sick.

FRANCONIA — This village will have electric lights according to the decision of the recent meeting. The Excelsior Electric Light and Power Co., of Sellersville, will build a line to this place and connect with its lines at the farm of H. D. Landis, about a mile northeast of this place. Work will begin at once.  

JUMPS FROM TRAIN — Adam Bossart, of Perkasie, sustained injuries last Thursday evening that will keep him from work at least a month when he jumped from a moving freight train, on which he returned from his work at Bethlehem. He is employed by the P. & R. Co., and has a free pass to go to and from work, but having finished his day's work about an hour before the passenger train left Bethlehem, he decided to ride the freight and get home an hour earlier. Besides severe bruises about the body, he broke a bone in his forearm. 

FATHER SHOOTS SON, THEN ENDS OWN LIFE — It was shortly before 7 o'clock Wednesday morning that the elder Kriebel appeared at his son's home. He knocked at a rear door and, when the son came out, asked: "Will you let me be with my wife?" "We don't want anything to do with you; get out!" Harrison Kriebel answered. As he turned and started to go back into the house the father drew a revolver and fired a bullet into the rear of his son's head behind the left ear. The younger Kriebel fell face first with such force that his head broke through a cellar door. The father then placed the revolver in his mouth and pulled the trigger. The ball tore through his head and came out the back of his skull. 

50 Years Ago

TELFORD VFW TO OBSERVE 25TH YEAR — The Telford VFW will observe its 25th anniversary with a week-long celebration May 24-31. Special events planned for the week include the honoring of the post's ladies auxiliary unit, Vietnam veteran members, post commanders and a special 25th anniversary banquet to be held Saturday evening, Mary 29. The week-long celebration will be climaxed with a Memorial Day parade to be held on May 31. 

DETWEILER NAMED MANAGER OF FISHER'S FURNITURE — Roland M. Detweiler, widely known in the merchandising field, has been named general manager of Fisher's Furniture Company, Souderton, it was announced this week by P. K. Fisher, president of the local company, from his Florida residence where he lives in retirement during the winter months. 

TOWNHOUSES SOUGHT IN W. ROCKHILL — A Horsham Township development firm, which recently purchased a 55-acre tract in West Rockhill Township, has presented an application for a zoning variance to the township supervisors in hopes of erecting more than 500 townhouse units on the tract ... The tract now requires minimum lots of one acre. The developer is hoping to put as many as 10 units on an acre.

PHYS ED PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS LOWER SALFORD PTA MEETING — Baumgartner introduced Bob Hoffman, advisor to President Nixon on physical fitness and Olympic weight-lifting coach. Hoffman spoke on the value of exercise and proper nutrition. The meeting was then turned over Lower Salford physical education instructor Joseph C. Springer, who explained the president's physical fitness test to the parents. One-hundred fifty students from the third through sixth grades then performed warm-up exercises undertaken before the start of each physical education class at the school. 

NEW STADIUM TO OPEN APRIL 10 — Philadelphia Veterans Stadium, the new home of the Phillies, already acclaimed as one of the finest outdoor multipurpose parks in the world, will open its doors to the baseball public Saturday, April 10, as the Phillies play host to Gene Mauch's Montreal Expos in a season inaugural scheduled for 2:15 p.m. The stadium, a $45 million palace with seating capacities of 56,371 for baseball and 60,000 for football, is a true superpark with a gorgeous backdrop featuring wall-to-wall evergreen Astro-Turf and seating levels colored in autumn shades of yellow, orange and brown. Adding to the already plush setting will be a new squad of brightly uniformed, mini-skirted usherettes, the Fillies. 


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