100 Years Ago

WEST TELFORD OPPOSES ANNEXATION IN BUCKS — Telford is a growing community and is in every respect, except for municipal and educational purposes, one large town and would be making rapid progress were it not for the fact that part of the community, on the east side of the Main street is located in Bucks county. This is known as Telford Borough. The greater portion of the community is located in Montgomery county and is known as West Telford. In every instance where two communities so closely allied as these are have been incorporated into one municipality, the entire area of the newer community has been incorporated into the county wherein the older community held forth ... The first step towards bringing about the much desired centralization of management of affairs, is a formal request which has been laid before the State Department of Education, asking that the schools of the town be permitted to be conducted as one School District, thereby making possible the establishment of a High School in the five-room building in West Telford and a regular graded system with the use of the two-room building used in Telford Borough.

ANSWERS PASTOR QUESTION — To meet the shortage of pastors, Franklin K. Moyer, of Souderton, recommended for the Home Mission Extension Committee that, if college graduates could not be obtained, "use men who have learned through the school of experience" in addressing the 123rd session of the Eastern Mennonite Church, at Bally. 

SIX EISENLOHR FACTORIES NOW PERMANENTLY CLOSED — The Otto Eisenlohr Brothers cigar firm has permanently closed six of its chain factories located at Souderton, Finland, Coopersburg, Pennsburg, Reading and Littlestown ... The firm also announced a second cut in wages within six months ... This new rate will cut a cigarmaker's wage from $25 or $40 per week to approximately $14 to $18 per week, the latter being maximum for four-day-a-week schedule.

TOWN TOPICS — R. M. Wimmer, Perkasie, has purchased the F. & S. restaurant, on Main street, lately conducted by Floyd Freed. He took possession last Saturday. The service will be improved including the handling of oysters and clams. Success to the new proprietor.

CATCHES GANDER BITING A BABY — While visiting at the home of her father, Paul Wieland, of Wisconsin, Mrs. Alfred Cooper, of Point Pleasant, Bucks county, heard her 2-year-old baby screaming. Hurrying to him, she found a big gander biting his face. The little one's eyes were not injured, but his face was a mass of bruises.

50 Years Ago

THIEVES ENTER TWO STATIONS IN SOUDERTON — Police said thieves gained entrance to Moyer's Phillips 66 service station, Main and Summit streets, after breaking a glass in an overhead door. Articles stolen from the premises included eight tires valued at $240, $75 in cash, $10 in accessories, a battery charger valued at $189 and a 1961 Oldsmobile convertible, owned by Benjamin Dimmick, Sellersville RD, valued at $400. Sometime during the same time period, thieves entered Herbert Cope's Garage, County Line road and Chestnut street, and made off with one tire. Police said entrance was gained by breaking a plate glass window.

HUNDREDS EXPECTED TO JOIN SATURDAY'S 'WALK FOR MAN' — Hundreds from this area are expected to join the world-wide Walk for Hunger Day this Saturday with a local 15-mile walk through the Indian Valley ... Of the money raised, 42.5% will go locally to the Indian Valley Opportunity Committee. This organization locates and assists individuals and families whose problems and needs prevent them from achieving an adequate standard of living.

STUDENTS TO LAUNCH GLASS COLLECTION DRIVE — Concerned about ecology, the students have been meeting in various homes, after school, to learn about the subject and to formulate plans for positive action. Taking the name L.I.V.E., standing for Lengthening the Inhabitability of our Valuable Environment, the group has scheduled Saturday, May 15, for the initial ingathering of bottles, although several hundred bottles have already been accumulated as the result of a poster campaign in the community. 

BIG RED SPRING CONCERT SEEN AS BIG SUCCESS — From the first measure of "Symphonic Concert March" to the finale, Sousa's "King Cotton March," dedicated to Robert Thompson, the confidence and enthusiasm with which the music was being rendered was felt throughout the audience. Vigorous applause and a standing ovation communicated to the band members and the director, Gregory Woodruff, the feeling of a completely successful concert. One of the best they had ever rendered.

SOUDERTON HOTEL CHANGES NAME TO 'OLDE INDIAN VALLEY INN' — A landmark building in Souderton, known by the same name for almost 90 years, is now going under a new title. The Souderton Hotel, which has stood in the middle of the borough since about 1886, is now known as the Olde Indian Valley Inn. 


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