100 Years Ago 

MOONSHINERS PUT IN BUCKS COUNTY JAIL — On the premises where the men were arrested was found a complete thirty-gallon "still" and a large quantity of "moonshine" whiskey said to have a "wallop" in it about twice the strength of the strongest whiskey legitimately on the market.

FARMER IS CUT BY BROKEN GLASS — John Helriegel, a young farmer, living south of Sellersville, met with an accident, Thursday night, November 13th, that resulted in his death at Grand View Hospital in the early hours of Friday morning. Mr. Helriegel was returning home, having attended a public sale, and as he turned into the lane leading to his farm, the closed wagon in which he was traveling overturned into a ditch. The young man was painfully injured by glass from the pane, in the wagon door, shattered by the upsetting, a piece of which penetrated his neck.

TOWN TOPICS — W. A. Crouthamel, the wholesale clothing manufacturer, has recently taken out insurance on the group plan for all of his employees. Every worker who has been employed for three months shares in this protection. The policies pay a minimum of $500 in event of death, and this amount increases in proportion to the number of years employed. A disability clause also provides systematic payments at regular intervals in case of injury. The group plan carries with it a program to improve the conditions of the workers and suggestions to the employers of promoting the efficiency and help of the beneficiaries. Part of this is done through a campaign of education, by furnishing instructive literature in the form that will easily be understood. 

SILVERDALE WOMAN DIES OF BURNS — While polishing the stove, the polish ignited and burst into an explosion of flames, setting her clothing on fire. 

PERKASIE MAN USED DOUBLE METHOD TO COMMIT SUICIDE — H. L. Bowen, 68 years of age, committed suicide at Perkasie, Thursday afternoon, November 13th, by placing a rope around his neck from a joist in the cellar, and then shooting himself through the jaw. The bullet ended his life.

50 Years Ago 

HATFIELD TEENAGER KILLED AS CAR SNAPS POLE — A 16-year-old Hatfield township youth was killed Tuesday night, and three other teenagers injured, when the car in which they were riding went out of control on a curve on the Souderton-Hatfield pike, skidded broadside into a utility pole, and flipped into a field ... The fatal crash occurred just five minutes after another accident just a few hundred feet south on the same road. 

SOUDERTON, UP LIONS TO 'BURY TOMAHAWK' — The Souderton Lions Club will travel to East Greenville Tuesday night, Nov. 25, to visit the Upper Perkiomen Lions Club for their annual "Bury the Tomahawk" dinner ... Special guests at the banquet will include the coaches from both schools, and school officials in the athletic category ... Quite a bit of good natured "ribbing" by the members of the two clubs is expected ... At present, the Souderton Lions are in possession of the "Tomahawk" due to Souderton's 14-13 victory over Upper Perk last year. 

HAGY'S DRIVE-IN TO GO, FOOD CHAIN TO BUILD — The drive-ins, operating under the name of Hex House restaurants, will feature Pennsylvania Dutch decor ... Highlights of the menu, to be the same in all the restaurants, will be specially processed hamburgers and Pennsylvania Dutch delicacies. Other items available will be honey-fried chicken, hot dogs, French fries, milk shakes, and soft drinks. 

PEACOCK PURSUIT PLAGUES POLICE — George is the pet peacock of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Musselman, of Harleysville pike, Souderton. Apparently sometime Tuesday afternoon George worked his way out of his pen and decided to tour Souderton ... He was about a foot away on the first try when George decided he was going to do some more sightseeing, and off he went, across the rooftops to a perch on another peak on Summit st. And off in pursuit went the police, the firemen, and the growing crowd of spectators ... Schatz went up a ladder from one side of the roof, armed with the net, while another fireman went up the other side. When the two men were positioned, George was flushed into the waiting net, to the cheers of the police, the firemen, the spectators, and most of all, the Musselman family.

NEW GRADING SYSTEM EXPLAINED TO PARENTS — Presently being used is the letter system, or bell curve. Milns explained that this system causes jealousy between children. Other examples of ill effects of the system include upset parents, cheating, rewards and punishment, cramming and forgetting, mental breakdown, and hard feelings between teachers and parents and teachers and pupils. The new report will have only two columns; one, capable of doing better, and two, demonstrates steady growth ... The new procedure for the closing of schools due to inclement weather will involve a new number system. Broadcast over the radio, the number designated for the Souderton Area will be 309. 


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