100 Years Ago

CRIME WAVE HERE APPALLING, SAYS JUDGE — Judge John Miller last Friday declared that the crime wave in Montgomery County during the past few months has been appalling to him. "More murders and major crimes have been committed in this county than occurred in the city of London, with seven millions population, in the year 1914.

"There is a flagrant disregard of law and order and something drastic should be done to curb this wave of lawlessness" ... Shortly after Judge Miller had made the foregoing declaration, the automobile of Mrs. R. G. Buchanan daughter of Judge Miller's associate, President Judge Aaron S. Swartz, was stolen.  

BOXER AND GIRL ARRESTED FOR MURDER — The victim, who was 45 years old, was found with his head beaten in with a heavy pipe wrench and with the gas turned on in the closed room. He was last seen in company with a woman described as a "plump blonde," whom he is said to have escorted into the apartment Saturday night.

Fred Threadway, alias Norman D. Williams, a pugilist, known to the ring as Young West, and Marie Williams, a fascinhating show girl, not more than 18 years old, were arrested at Wheeling, W. Va., Wednesday afternoon, charged with the murder of Pierce.

NEW USE FOR A FLIVVER — The barn of Victor Wackerman, a farmer, of Hatfield, was infested with rats. He was considerably worried as to how to get rid of them ... By placing a h ose on the exhaust pipe of his Ford and the other end of the hose in rat holes the gas fumes from the exhaust drove the rats from the holes in a dazed and helpless condition. They were then easily dispatched, and now Mr. Wackerman kills 25 or more rodents daily.

HORSE RUNS INTO TRAIN — An unusual accident occurred on the Reading Railway at a crossing 150 yards from the North Wales station when a horse, driven by John Zigaloch, a farmer, of North Wales, ran directly into a passenger train that was approaching the station. The horse was killed and the wagon dashed to splinters, but Zigaloch escaped with minor cuts. 

TOWN TOPICS — Jacob S. Moyer, the drover and well known farmer, of Franconia township, raised a red beet which weighs 15½ pounds. This is a monster beet, and will fill a good size crock.

50 Years Ago

BOROUGHS, CLUBS AGREE TO STUDY CONSOLIDATION — Representatives of four Souderton-Telford service clubs, and officers of the municipalities themselves, unanimously agreed last Thursday to appoint two members each to a steering committee to lay plans for the study of possible consolidation of the two boroughs. 

TELFORD SCHOOL NEWS — This week is National Book Week. In observance of Book Week, we have several activities going on in our school. 

The library is well stocked with paperbound books, puzzles, coloring books, and activity books, which are for sale to the children. The prices range from $.50 to $1.50 ... The school pictures arrived last Friday. Everyone was happy to receive his smiling face to take home. 

TURKEY SUPPER OUTDRAWS ELECTION IN TYLERSPORT — A home-style turkey supper seems to have more pulling power than a gubernatorial election ... The recent state-wide elections attracted 394 voters to the fire house. A home-style turkey supper on Saturday attracted 476 people to the same place. 

HOMEMAKERS TO HOLD ANNUAL PARTY — Approximately 300 women come annually from all over Montgomery County, most of them members o Homemakers Clubs, but the program is also open to any other interested women in the county who want to attend .... Great interest each year is expressed in the craft and Christmas food display tables.

RADIO STOLEN FROM TRUCK IN SALFORD — Last week, someone broke into the township road grader and made of with a citizens band radio, valued at $125.

It was the latest in a series of incidents that will cost the township more than $500 in 1970, Supervisor John Reinford said.

Reinord, road superintendent, reported at a recent meeting that road signs are being vandalized or stolen with a cost to township taxpayers this year of about $500. 


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