100 Years Ago

SCHOOL BOARD PLANS NEW BUILDING — Plans of the Souderton School Board to erect an elementary school building on West Summit street are maturing ... Progressive cities, such as Rochester, N.Y., and Cleveland, Ohio, are building the one-story type of school even in crowded districts where the cost of land is very much higher than in small towns. Fire-proof stairways, heavy beams, thick walls, and deep basement excavation may be avoided. Excellent light from above may be utilized in every part of the building, and especially in supply or toilet rooms, ordinarily too dark. Absolute safety from fire risk is accomplished, since pupils may step directly from their rooms upon the playground. 

TOWN TOPICS — W. Russel Freed has had a Bell telephone installed in his livery and auto service place of business ... The Emmanuel Lutheran congregation on Wednesday shipped a lot of goods to the Mt. Airy Orphans' and Old Folks' Home, consisting of 408 jars of canned fruit, 30 bushels of potatoes, and a large amount of pears, apples, vegetables, dried corn and beans, besides a lot of clothing ... The High School and the Mohawk basket ball teams will have a game in the trolley power house on the 28th. Following the game there will be a dance with good music.

BASKET BALL — Capt. Alvin Loux is still on cripple list but expect him back next week. Then there's some hard working players on second as Leggie Allem, George Moyer and a few others. Ed Zendt is showing improvement and some of varsity men better look out for their jobs. 

FRANCONIA — Melvin Halteman is building a large double corn crib. The foundation walls of Ambrose Wampole's new barn are already up and timber is being cut for the building. The old barn was destroyed by lightning in August.

PERKIOMEN VALLEY ROBBERIES CONTINUE — This is the second postoffice robbery in these parts the other having taken place at the Green Lane postoffice. The loss in postal cards, stamps and cash in the East Greenville robbery amounts to about $100. The thieves also opened letters addressed to an East Greenville bank. One check for $17 made payable to the postmaster of Philadelphia, was also stolen. 

50 Years Ago

CARS, DUCKS, GEESE: WHICH HAS RIGHT-OF-WAY? — It seems that a number of ducks and geese feel they have the right-of-way along Ridge road (Route 563), near Tylersport. A township resident, Mrs. George Cobbe of White's Mill road, asked the supervisors to take action to stop the animals from crossing the roadway. She said a number of the animals have been killed and others have caused motorists to "swerve into close calls" ... The board agreed that something should be done, but expressed doubt that the situation was covered by laws.

FRANCONIA SUPERVISORS HOLD BRIEF MEETING AT HOSPITAL BEDSIDE — Monday night Supervisor Chairman John Line opened the meeting at the designated 7 o'clock hour, then informed those present he did not have a quorum. It's a three-man board and he was the only one present. Supervisor Paul Wimmer had resigned last month, and the other member of the board, Edward Eisenhauer, was in Grand View Hospital, recuperating from an appendectomy. Wimmer's successor was present, but without a quorum, he couldn't be appointed. So Line adjourned the meeting to Grand View, reopened at Eisenhauer's bedside, and the two took the necessary action to appoint Bergey to the board. The meeting then reconvened back at the township offices, where District Justice of the Peace Howard Gardner officiated in administering the oath of office to Bergey. With the new supervisor in office, the meeting proceeded, with only about an hour lost. 

MANY ATTEND CAVALCADE — A reported audience of close to 5,000 was on hand Saturday night, as the Souderton Area Big Red Marching Band played host to the fourth annual cavalcade of bands sponsored by the Souderton-Telford Jaycees. 

250 ATTEND FIRST IV CHAMBER BANQUET — They heard words of congratulations from several state legislators, and were challenged with a five-point program for the first year by Chamber President Harry Price. In addition, they were presented with a view of the Indian Valley and how it will grow in the next ten years from Thacher Longstreth in the main address. 

POLICE REPORT CAR VANDALISM — Chief Paul Wolf and Officer Robert Fluck said most of the incidents occurred sometime late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, and involved damage to windows in at least four cars parked in various locations throughout town.  It is believed a pellet gun or B-B gun was used.  Also reported the same night was the theft of four automobile tires from the basement of the Souderton Garden Apartments, Second and Chestnut sts. 


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