100 Years Ago

ROBBERS AUTO OFF PANTS WORTH $7,000 — Using a truck and a Ford touring car to haul off their plunder, thieves early Thursday morning of last week broke into the pants factory, at West Point, and carried away nearly $3,000 worth of pants ... The stolen goods composed 700 pairs of newly made pants, nicely pressed and easily salable ... The second raid occurred some time Tuesday night at the factory of Meyers, Obermeyers & Co., Hatfield. They took 200 pairs of trousers and 1,000 yards of cloth in the bolt. The loss is estimated at more than $4,000.

WOMEN URGED TO WAGE WAR ON EXTRAVAGANCE — The wearing of silk stockings at $4 a pair and peek-a-boo waists at $16.50 each is not in keeping with a program to obviate the high cost of living through a curtailment of the present era of extravagance. Even when worn by women who can afford such apparel, silk stockings of expensive texture and airy waists tend to stimulate the frenzy of modern extravagance, but when such is worn by stenographers and shop girls the practice indicates the stronger that the general public is sanctioning the Zeppelin ascension of prices. 

LINE LEXINGTON — Ruth, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Danehower, while playing, fell into a cesspool. A neighbor who happened to be near the scene, rescued her from drowning. 

MISTAKE TO ALTER LEFT-HANDED CHILDREN — A few points on left-handedness were brought out by Mr. Kramer, who said that if a child was left-handed, he thought it proper to let it write and do things with the left hand, because the right hand side of the brain controls the left side of the body, and if a teacher tried to change a child the child would mix things up worse than if he had been left alone.

KILLS BROTHER WHILE CLEANING A RIFLE — Russell Christman, aged 19, of South Pottstown, was shot and killed by his brother, Richard Christman, aged 17, Sunday evening, when a small calibre rifle which the latter was oiling was accidentally discharged.

The boys were seated in the kitchen of the parental home when the accident occurred. Russell gave a gasp, fell from his chair and died five minutes later.

50 Years Ago

SOUDERTON-TELFORD-QUAKERTOWN AUTHORITIES PROCLAIM THURSDAY OFFICIAL 'TRICK OR TREAT' NITE — Although the annual youngsters' outing would normally fall on Friday night, Oct. 31, officials of the boroughs have pointed out the possible dangers involved in the children making their rounds that evening.

Considered to be an annual hazard, with masked children crossing streets and alleys, local officials have pointed to the fact that Friday night traffic is always heavy and that it would be even heavier this Friday with the Souderton-Quakertown football tilt scheduled for 8 p.m. on the Souderton High field.

'BOMB' EXPLODED IN SOUDERTON — Souderton Police Chief Paul Wolf reported this week that a home-made "bomb" or some type of explosive device was set off Sunday night at about 8:30 in a back lawn on W. Chestnut st. 

Wolf said the device set fire to a tree, which was put out by a man who looked out after he heard the explosion.

OVER 1,200 ATTEND TURKEY DINNER — Telford Fire company President Irwin S. Detweiler this week expressed thanks for the support of the public in making the company's annual turkey supper a success ... Proceeds of the annual event are used to maintain and purchase equipment, and to operate the equipment.

OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY FOR EMC ADDITION — The new addition to the building features movable walls between the classrooms of the same grade level, which may also be opened for large group instruction. Carpeted floors and halls reduce the noise level, and add eye appeal and comfort.

Electric heat is controlled in the individual classrooms and is very effective due to thermopane-type windows and insulation throughout. The lavatories feature ceramic tile walls and floors. 

EARLINGTON SCHOOL CLASS OF 1909 HOLDS REUNION — Members of the class of 1909 of the Earlington School held their first reunion in 60 years last Friday at the home of Mrs. Elsie Hepberle Crouthamel, of Quakertown ... The reunion was topped off with a tour of Mrs. Crouthamel's potato chip factory in Quakertown.  


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