100 Years Ago

TELFORD WILL WELCOME HOME ITS SOLDIERS — From the time when the parade moves in the afternoon at 1.30 o'clock there will be something doing in the twin Boroughs for the "boys" ... The Quakertown Band and Green Lane Fife and Drum Corps will furnish the music. In the line will be the U.S. Service men, school children, Fire Company, lodges, municipal officers, Stag Club, ladies' auxiliaries, and citizens in autos, and no doubt the parade itself will be of a long distance ... Whatever other features and surprises the entertainment committee may have in store for the boys, this one is certain, they will be served a big chicken dinner at John M. Kuhn's hotel about 5.30 o'clock.

635 PUPILS ENROLLED IN SOUDERTON SCHOOLS — The rooms in the Chestnut street Grade building are crowded to capacity and 20 new desks were placed in the High School building to accommodate the larger enrollment there.

MOYER-MYERS REUNION LARGEST IN AMERICA — A thousand persons gathered at Perkasie Park, Saturday, August 30th, when the Moyer-Meyers Family met on the occasion of their 15th annual reunion. This is the largest Family Association in the united States and usually more than two thousand meet together in the Park, but unpleasant weather this year appears to have deterred some from coming. 

PERKASIE MAN DEMANDS $50,000 FROM ANOTHER — Mr. Linck charges that Keith made love to his wife at the factory where they were employed and by furnishing her with money, giving her presents and taking her on trips succeeded in winning her affection.

BUCKS COUNTY — Harry G. Jacoby, of Sellersville, has a home made straw hat which was made to order for him in 1880. The straw was native grown and is in a good condition. Though the hat was not worn all these years it has given the owner much service and if the occasion required could be worn without being a great trespass upon modern modes.

50 Years Ago

STOUDT NAMED PRESIDENT OF BOARD OF TRADE — Curtis Stoudt, owner of Stoudt's Market, Hillside ave., was elected president of the Souderton Board of Trade at the organization's meeting Monday at the Dutch Kitchen Restaurant. 

TELFORD NAMES NEW FULL-TIME POLICEMAN — A second full-time policeman was hired by Telford Borough at their council meeting Monday night.

Douglas E. Bickel, 238 Hamlin ave., Telford, began his full-time duties this week. 

PILOT PROGRAM AT SALFORD HILLS — Salford Hills Elementary School began a cafeteria pilot program last Thursday to eliminate the need for unrefrigerated home-packed lunches and give children freedom of choice in selecting their meals.

In addition to the regular menu, the cafeteria has begun serving a sandwich lunch consisting of soup or juice, sandwich of the day, a salad or vegetable, dessert and milk. 

DIAPER GYM PROGRAM TO BEGIN IN SOUDERTON FOR PRE-SCHOOLERS — Purpose of the program is to allow the child to feel the excitement of doing things he has never done before, in using muscles that are rarely exercised or given an opportunity to develop.

The Diaper Gym program is designed to introduce the child to new movements, which are basic in running, jumping, climbing, throwing, and similar activities by which they develop strength and endurance, and neuromuscular coordination and control. Included are tumbling, games of low organization, movement exploration, and rhythmics. 

WARMINSTER MAN CHARGED WITH HARLEYSVILLE ENTRY — Schmoyer said he chased the man to the front lawn where he fought with the intruder who drew a gun and fired what Schmoyer thought was a blank. When a second shot threw up dirt at Schmoyer's feet, he stopped the chase, accorder to officers.  


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