100 Years Ago

PLEADED GUILTY — Although robbed of $90 by the accused, William H. Nyce, of Skippack, told the Court that he was willing to continue William Heier in his employ and Judge Miller suspended sentence, although he said that Nyce had more faith in the man than seemed warranted, for although arrested several months ago, Heier had not attempted to make restitution ... Spurning the possible support he might give her were he to stay out of jail, Mrs. Lewis Whitton, wife of a Norristown bartender, told Judge Swartz she preferred that her husband, accused of adultery, go to jail, and he was sentenced to nine months. 

NO LEGAL LANGUAGE BUT WILL IS PLAIN — "I, Isabella, wife of John Seddon, want each of my children to have an even share of all that I possess, either in real estate or personal property and in dividing my things I don't want any trouble with one another. I don't want any of my furniture sold, but share it with each other as nearly as possible, and I do not want this altered in any way, as I mean just what I say here; and I want the boys to see that their sisters get share and share alike and also that the sisters see that their brothers get share and share alike and always live for each other and help each other in need; and their father's violin is to go to the oldest brother living, and so on until they are all dead, and then to go to the oldest grandson and so on handed down. It is never to be sold. And bury me as nearly like your father as possible, and our grave stones to be just alike; and always remember the greens on holidays; and may God bless you all."

SALE OF NEAR-BEER IS A LAW VIOLATION — The sale of near-beer is a violation of the prohibition laws, according to an opinion handed down by Judge R. C. Stewart at Easton, when Katie Garrick, of Northampton Heights, was arraigned before him charged with having sold beer without a license ... "These people say that prohibition works a hardship and is an invasion of personal liberty, and I agree with them," Judge Stewart said. He suspended sentence on Mrs. Garrick but directed her to pay the costs. 

DID NOT SERVE U.S.; DENIED CITIZENSHIP — Galio answered all the questions properly and was about to be passed when the Federal Attorney called the attention of the Court to the fact that his investigation of the applicant had revealed that he had escaped the military draft by claiming exemption on the ground that he was not a citizen of the United States but a subject of Italy ... Such a man, the Court said, was not fit to become a citizen of the United States, especially at this time.

LATEST NEWS FROM ALL SECTIONS — Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Lane and their two children were seriously injured when their automobile skidded and struck a telegraph pole near Collegeville ... After an absence of 30 years, and believed to be dead, Frank Bachman, Jr., who left Applebachsville when a boy returned home and found his parents still living.

50 Years Ago

CHILD KILLED IN 309 CRASH — A seven-month-old child was killed Tuesday morning in a three-car accident at the intersection of route 309 and Unionville pike in Hatfield township.

Leslie Binder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Binder, Oak Manor Apartments, Oak Park road, Hatfield, was dead at 7:03 a.m. on arrival at North Penn Hospital, Lansdale, where she was taken by Hatfield township officers, Sgt. Michael Murphy and Geoffrey Couldron, in a police cruiser.

LOCAL YOUTH TO APPEAR ON TV — Carl Gunther, Telford RD., and Mike Scheip, Souderton, 9th grade students at Indian Valley Jr. High School, will appear on Channel 6 beginning Monday, Sept. 22 until Sept. 26.

They will be among a selected group of performers on the "People Are Great" Pepsi spot announcements concerning a coming variety show.

MONTCO TO ESTABLISH POLICE ACADEMY, CRIME LABORATORY — The only police training facilities available to local police are the State Police Academy in Hershey and the Philadelphia Police Training Academy. The State Police site can accommodate only 100 police from throughout the state this year with Montgomery County allocated seven students, while the Philadelphia academy is geared more towards the problems in the city ... With the training facility in the County, more than 100 police from throughout the county could be trained in a year. There are some 800 police in the County in the 54 individual departments. 

BIESTER SURVEY RESULTS SHOW CONCERNS WITH VIETNAM, TAXES — "The results of my third annual questionnaire make it abundantly clear that the residents of the 8th Congressional District are (1) in favor of a gradual and complete withdrawal of American military forces from South Vietnam, (2) deeply concerned about tax reform and tax relief and (3) are witnessing the emergence of a new 'poverty' class — our own senior citizens," Congressman Edward G. Biester stated this week. 

CARS RANSACKED IN TELFORD — Seven cars and three trucks parked in Telford were ransacked some time after midnight Tuesday, according to Telford police who said most of the incidents were reported after 7 a.m. Wednesday ... Officers also reported that malicious damage was inflicted early Wednesday at the new Delbar Products, Inc., plant on State road. 


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