100 Years Ago

SOUDERTON GRADUATES ENTERING COLLEGES — An unusually large number of Souderton High School graduates are this fall entering higher institutions. No less than five new students are being sent to college by certificate from the school ... These young people are to be congratulated upon their opportunity to get a higher education at a time when the need of such education is being more widely realized than ever before. 

SOUDERTON'S VALUATION INCREASES $8,330; TAXES CONSIDERABLY HIGHER IN 1920 — This year the valuation is divided as follows: Improved lands, $1,246,075, an increase of $5,250; unimproved lands, $50,160, an increase of $6,710; there is a decrease noted in the number of animals, 136 being listed, while last year there were 157, with a value of $8,845, making 21 less this year, with a decrease in the amount of assessment of $1,030; occupations, $102,025, a decrease of $2,600 ... The total tax rate is 37 mills — Borough, 12, an increase of 1; School, 25, an increase of 11.

TOWN TOPICS — Shortly before noon last Saturday flames were noticed shooting through the top of a one-story frame shed on the rear of Louis Sheetz's property, North Main street. The Fire Co. promptly responded, and extinguished the flames. All of the roof and most of the upper part of the structure was eaten up. Frame sheds on neighboring properties were threatened in the early stage of the blaze. How the fire originated is not exactly known, but it was reported that several small boys had been playing with matches inside the building.

TELFORD — One dollar exchanged for a season ticket will furnish you with five nights of good, clean entertainment provided by the Telford Lecture Course. First number by Dr. Keith Cherry, humorist, on Saturday evening, October 2nd, in Buick building. A good opportunity for those seeking full value for their dollars. Single admission, 50 cents; school children, 15 cents; junior season tickets, 50 cents.

DROP IN FORD AUTOS AFTER BUSINESS LULL — In making the announcement, Henry Ford said ... "There is a lull in general business; we are touched by the waiting period that always precedes a reaction; people in every walk of life are waiting for prices to become lower. They realize that it is an unwholesome, unnatural, unrighteous condition produced by the war. In every line of activity there is growing idleness because the demand is not there."

50 Years Ago

DEDICATION OF MEMORIALS SATURDAY IN HATFIELD — Two new war memorials will be dedicated at a program this Saturday at 4:30 p.m. at the Railroad Plaza, in Hatfield. The memorials, honoring Korean and Vietnam War veterans, will flank the memorial to veterans of World War I and II. 

FRANCONIA POLICE RUN 'SPEED SURVEYS' — The surveys have resulted in fines for an average of 20 to 25 motorists each night, and have been conducted mostly in 35 mph zones where residents have complained about speeding.

S-T ROTARIANS TO HEAR 'RIGHT TO WORK' TALK — Scott will discuss several questions including "Are Civil Rights only for the special or privileged Groups?," Is it a violation of a man's civil liberties to force union membership on him in order to hold a job?," and "Is Pennsylvania ready for the Right-to-Work Law?"

PA. GERMAN FOLKLORE GROUP TO GIVE ZWINGLI PROGRAM — At one time Pennsylvania's Harvest Home was more important to Pennsylvanian's of Dutch tongue than the November Thanksgiving Day, which was looked upon as a dubious, almost resented, Yankee gift. Since the New Englanders, following the Puritan tradition, refused to celebrate Christmas, the national Thanksgiving Day in November became their social festival of the winter season, with family reunions and turkey dinners. The Pennsylvania Germans, however, especially the "Gay Dutch" — Lutheran and Reformed — celebrated Christmas and gave thanks to God for the summer's harvest at their annual Harvest Home. So they felt little if any need of celebrating the Yankee Thanksgiving.

4-H MEMBERS HOLD ROUNDUP — Grand Champion pig at the Bucks-Montgomery 4-H Pig Roundup brought $1.08 per pound at Perkiomenville. The 200-pound champion pig, raised by Debbie Kunda of Limerick, was sold to Hatfield Packing Company at the annual 4-H Sale held at Perkiomen Sales Company, Perkiomenville, Penna. Hatfield Packing Co. also purchased Richard Freed's Reserve Champion pig for $.83 per pound. 


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