100 Years Ago

ROBIN SHOOTING EXPENSIVE SPORT — It cost Antonio Cresello $37.50 for shooting robins, he being detected by Policeman Dettra, of Norristown, who was training a hunting dog.

LAWYERS BARRED IN MAKING OF WILL — May Fryburg, late of Upper Dublin, objects to lawyers having anything to do with the settlement of her estate on the ground that she worked hard for the money and does not want to see it dissipated in attorney's fees. 

JUDGE MILLER'S JAW HURT — Judge John Faber Miller, of the Montgomery County Court, has a wounded jaw. While playing golf on the links of the Plymouth Country Club, he was hit on the side of the jaw by a golf stick being handled by a caddy. 

TOWN TOPICS — Priveleges abused, causing trouble and expense, have prompted W. S. Hemsing to give public notice that hereafter permission must be secured to do dumping at the quarry, at the head of Highland street, near the railroad. Mr. Hemsing does not want waste paper and other goods dumped into the quarry which may become ignited and cause a fire from sparks from railroad engines. In any case, as stated before, permission must be secured to do any dumping at this place.

FATAL MISHAP ON STONY CREEK ROAD — Oscar Petzhold, of 117 Second street, Bridgeport, a fireman of a freight train on the Stony Creek Division of the Philadelphia and Reading Railway, met death Sunday morning when the train on which he was firing collided with a passenger train near Belfry station, and his body was impaled on a stoker rod and seared in the wreckage. The rod entered the unfortunate man near the shoulder and protruded below the abdomen, nailing him fast, while the steam and cinders the fire of the wrecked locomotive threw their heat about. It is not thought, however, that the man was conscious following his being run through with the rod. It was with great difficulty that the body was removed from the wreckage.

50 Years Ago

HATFIELD MAN SHOT IN STREET — Police are looking for a pair of "hippie-type" men for questioning in the shooting. 

AGENTS RAID TAVERN — Three State Liquor Control Board agents and seven men of the Telford and Souderton police departments joined in a raid on Richard's Tavern, Reliance rd. and School lane, Telford, last Friday night shortly before midnight. 

Telford Police Chief Charles Miller said the establishment was issued a citation for serving drinks to minors, and that the minors would be dealt with under the provisions of the law against underage drinking.

1,200 ATTEND DEMO OX ROAST — The attendance set a record for the event, the annual fund-raising affair for Democrats in the Souderton-Telford-Franconia-Salfords area ... Mrs. Alice Stephens, the first woman to run for mayor of Telford, spoke on ticket-splitting, decrying the preponderance of straight-party voting in this area. She said there was not one Democrat serving in an elected post in Souderton, Telford, or Franconia.

BOARD FIELDS QUESTIONS ON LAND PURCHASE — Upwards of 160 area residents attended the meeting crowding into the library at Indian Valley Jr. High School, near Harleysville. With no exceptions, they were there to question the board's recent decision to purchase a 40.47-acre tract in Franconia Township for $230,000, when the same tract was sold just two years ago for $95,000.

Proposed for the site is a new, 1,000-pupil junior high school, expected to cost $3.5 million, including the cost of the property.

MAJORITY IN COUGHLIN POLL FAVOR VOLUNTARY PRAYER — An overwhelming majority of those answering Congressman Lawrence Coughlin's poll favor voluntary prayer in public places, stronger anti-smut laws and further legislation to protect the natural environment ... Three out of four persons favor direct popular election of the President and Vice President. This proposed Constitutional amendment was passed by the House last week by a 339 to 70 vote. 

Eleven percent favor awarding electoral votes in proportion to candidates' votes. Nine percent want to retain the present Electoral College system. Five percent approve of the plan to award electoral votes by Congressional District. 


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