Enormous pressure is being mounted by Democrats to use the current COVID-19 crisis as an excuse to transform how we vote in elections.

Democrats are famous for wanting to “transform” the way this nation does things.

Eric Holder, a former attorney general in the Obama administration recently put it this way to Time magazine: “Coronavirus gives us an opportunity to revamp our electoral system… These are changes that we should make permanent because it will enhance our democracy.” (He should have put it ‘our democratocracy’).

The ideas Holder and others are proposing include requiring that a mail-in ballot should automatically be sent to every voter. This will allow people to both register and then vote in time for Election Day. In this they see a wonderful opportunity to dispense with the current system and afford every citizen: lost, moved, dead or alive to vote from the comfort of their home. Heck, we can even have tax payers foot the bill for the postage. Perhaps you’re wondering about the ‘dead’ part, if not the other categories. Well it turns out Los Angeles County (population 10 million) has a registration rate of 112 percent of its adult citizen population. Add to this that it’s estimated that about one out of every five L.A. County registrations belongs to a voter who has moved, or who is deceased or otherwise ineligible to vote.

And let’s finally give those hard working and ever dedicated door-to-door campaign workers an even greater reason to do so. Then they can just hit up those mailboxes overflowing with blank ballots directed to scores of different people who just happen to have the same address as the elderly person in the neighborhood who can’t quite make it down that long driveway to their box in time most mornings. Why this technique even has a name. It’s called ‘ballot harvesting’ whereby political operatives go door-to-door collecting these ballots and then deliver them to election officials. Ah, election integrity – something every democrat is suddenly interested in.

Finally, a way too of ‘getting out the vote’ of those folks who are just too lazy to get to the polls, and then stand in line for ungodly amounts of time (for lack of voting machines) to now use (wait for it) paper ballots! Oh, and only if they are allowed to go in the first place given current shelter-in-place orders, some of which have a new restriction date thanks to our beloved governor (4 June) that actually exceeds the official polling date (2 June) as do several remaining PA counties. Good ol’ Gavin Newsom’s got the ball rolling. He just signed his executive order requiring that every registered California voter, including those listed as “inactive” be mailed a ballot by this November. If you can’t win with ideas you can certainly give fraud a chance.

Remember, “never let a good crisis go to waste”. Saul Alinsky would be proud of you, Governors. Let’s keep ‘em locked down and more likely locked out – all to help realize Eric Holder’s dream: to “enhance our democracy”!

John Doherty


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