LOWER SALFORD — A proposed new agreement between the township and the owners of the former Nyce Printing property limits the number of parking spaces at the site to 35. 

"As the board has noted several times, any use of the property is limited by the number of parking spaces," Jim Garrity, township solicitor, said while discussing the proposed agreement at the June 16 Lower Salford Township Board of Supervisors morning work session meeting.

The property on Main Street in the Vernfield section is zoned for residential use, but has business tenants, which are allowed as a non-conforming use because the property's use started before the township had zoning. 

Under the agreement, some additional uses will be allowed, Garrity said. 

"The uses that are allowed are basically exactly the same as if they were the next property over, which is zoned Village Commercial," board member Chris Canavan said. 

"It's probably not 100 percent, Chris, but it's 90 (percent) of what's permitted next door," Garrity said.

The new agreement clarifies one that was in place for a number of years and that was meant to be registered against two properties, but was only registered against one, Township Manager Joe Czjakowski said. 

"The issue came up after the current owners purchased it and didn't realize there was an agreement in place," he said. 

The previous agreement was recorded for a parking lot across the street from the Nyce property, but not on the Nyce site, board Chairman Doug Gifford said.

"I'd rather have it written, recorded, so there's no misunderstanding going down the road," he said of the proposed new agreement.

Board member Kevin Shelly said he would have preferred that a request to rezone the property be filed instead of making the proposed agreement. 

Gifford said he would not be in favor of a rezoning. 

"I'm concerned that if we rezone it, then it becomes a situation where we're providing some incentive to tear down the building and then we're looking at a use we really don't want or need," he said. 

By a 4-1 vote, with Shelly casting the dissent, the board authorized having the solicitor's office execute and record the agreement. 

The township's initial primary focus was that the agreement not allow delivery truck parking at the site, Garrity said. That remains part of the agreement, he said. 

In February of 2020, the township said delivery trucks by contractors working for Amazon were being parked at the Nyce property and at Ametek Pittman on Godshall Drive without permits having been applied for in either case. 

The trucks were subsequently removed from the Nyce site, Czjakowski said. 

"They've been gone from there for quite some time, probably since," he said, "not long after we started that discussion early last year."

The truck parking is allowed at the Ametek site, he said. 

"Unfortunately for the property owner, it takes up almost all of their parking spaces, so they can't do much else with that building while they have the Amazon trucks parking there," Czajkowski said. 

The number of trucks that park at the Ametek property fluctuates, but has been more than 100 at times, he said.  

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