Arbour Square holds an Artisans Exhibit to showcase the talents of residents in the fall of each year.  

"2020 has led to many cancellations due to the pandemic, but Arbour Square of Harleysville was determined to showcase the amazing talents of our residents for the 11th year in a row," Arbour Square said in a release. "The reception was smaller but the talent was the biggest and best we’ve seen! This year’s show featured woodworking creations made by residents in our own woodshop, Corona C-Quilt blankets made during quarantine, pastel and watercolor paintings, drawings, train models, needlepoint and cross stitch, jewelry done by our Jewelry Club and so much more!"

The exhibit was open all day so residents could safely social distance while viewing the creations.

"This show brought life and joy into this community as residents stood in awe of the talents of their neighbors! We are now looking forward to the 2021 Artisans Exhibit and hopeful that the outside can be invited to see the amazing work with their own eyes," the release said.

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