Office makeover

Courtnee Wampole, center, of Get It Got It, is the grand prize winner of a home office makeover in an essay contest that was open to members of Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce. From left are Andrea Hackman, of One Village Coffee; Justin Manuola, of Mach 5 Office Furniture; Wampole; Tony Osimo, of Mach 5 Office Furniture; and Steven Hunsberger, of Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce.  

SOUDERTON — Being the grand prize winner in an essay contest for Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce members means Courtnee Wampole will be getting a home office makeover.

It also means, though, that she'll have her own space at Get It Got It, the screen printing company she and husband Bryan operate in Souderton.

“Bryan handles all the production work and I handle all the business side of it, so up until now I've really been using a folding table and chairs or where I could find space,” Wampole said. “Because of the nature of what we do, the equipment is so big and there's so many boxes that I just have space wherever I can have it, nothing really dedicated to me.”

One of the most exciting parts of the makeover is the standing desk because she often now does computer work while standing at a table or moving around within the shop, she said.

“I'm literally standing all the time,” she said.

The contest was a joint effort by Mach 5 Office Furniture; Friant, the Virginia-based manufacturer and supplier of the majority of office furniture sold by Mach 5; One Village Coffee; and the Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce, Tony Osimo, Mach 5 sales rep, said.

“We just joined the Chamber this year, and so as new members, we wanted to do something in the community, for the community, with the community,” Osimo said.

“Each contestant will describe in a brief essay, how they not only survived but thrived during the COVID-19 Pandemic!” contest information said.

Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Steven Hunsberger, who judged the essays, said one of the things he focused on was the optimism that was displayed.

“While there is and continues to be lots of pain, I was impressed with the amount of opportunity and new ways of doing business,” he said.

First prize in the contest included an adjustable stand-up desk, monitor arm, mobile drawer unit, ergonomic task chair and desk height charging station, contest information said.

On Aug. 29, Wampole was presented with a certificate and Mach 5 designer Justin Manuola measured the office space and went over the choices Wampole had for the furniture.

The furniture will be custom made by Friant and delivered in a month, Manuola said.

“It will be delivered to us and we'll come and install it for her,” Osimo said.

The second and third prize winners receive One Village Coffee for a year, with the second prize winner also receiving a Mach 5 travel mug, contest information said.

The free coffee is in 12 bags, One Village President Andrea Hackman said.

“They can get it all at once or they can choose to get it over the course of the year,” she said.

“Any way that we can support the Chamber and other local businesses,” Hackman said, “we are always open to be a part of.”

Second prize in the contest went to Leslie Osimo, of Osimo Consulting LLC, with third going to Karen Cinelli of Peaceful Living.

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