100 Years Ago

SCHOOL BOARD TO ENFORCE ATTENDANCE — Mr. Fox's son, Lloyd, was shown to have been absent three days without legal excuse, after which an official notice of absence had been served upon Mr. Fox. When the boy was again absent from school upon the excuse of driving cows, the warrant was served in accordance with the provisions of the School Code. It was explained to Mr. Fox at the hearing that the Board of Directors is determined to enforce the law strictly in every case, and that no excuse will be accepted for absence except sickness or other very urgent reasons. Employment of any pupils who are under 14 years and below the Sixth Grade cannot be permitted. Mr. Fox admitted the charge and, upon his agreeing to send the boy regularly hereafter, the fine was remitted. 

TELFORD — Mrs. H. C. Derstine, who was laid up with a severe case of grippe, has so far recovered that she is able to be up and sit in a chair for short intervals ... F. H. Fenstermacher has a very important announcement in the advertising columns calling attention to greatly reduced prices on several standard makes of talking machines. Mr. Fenstermacher places the machine in your home on a liberal and easy paying plan. He also carries a large stock of records. 

FRANCONIA — We note with pleasure, in last week's issue, of the many improvements made by the new proprietors of the former David D. Moyer farm, making it one of the finest farms in the township. We wish to remind them they are still a step or two behind the times, as they are still lacking in having stanchions for their cattle, and also the convenience of an electric light system, lighting the farm buildings with electricity as some of their more progressive neighbors already enjoy. 

TOWN TOPICS — While Dewey Reinhard, of Sumneytown, was returning home from Souderton on Friday evening, December 3rd, he was held up near the Franconia meetinghouse, and robbed of about $10. Two autos blocked the road and he had to stop. After he had been relieved of his money he was told to go and he went.

CONSCIENCE HURTS AT 78 — Unable to write he procured the aid of a friend, who penned the following letter ... "I am growing old, being 78 years of age. Some years ago I received $160 which, I think, belongs to the county of Lancaster. I am returning it as I wish to straighten out everything before I get the final call." The money has been placed in the county conscience fund.

50 Years Ago

HARLEYSVILLE JAYCEES HEAR OF HOUSING PROBLEMS — Speaking as a representative of the Citizen's Council of Montgomery County, Mrs. Ruth Glickler spoke on "No Room in the Suburbs," a presentation directed toward townships urging them to provide for some middle income housing within their boundaries in the next 10 to 15 years. Mrs. Glickler said "no room" problems could be alleviated somewhat if townships permitted the construction of townhouse dwellings.

HENNING'S MARKET EMPLOYEES HOLD ANNUAL BANQUET — Henning's Market, of Harleysville, held its annual Christmas banquet Wednesday evening, December 9 at Trainer's Restaurant, Quakertown ... Entertainment was provided by Phares Mumbauer, of the produce department. Mumbauer surprised all present with the showing of early-age pictures of Henning Market employees. 

COUPLE NAMED RECIPIENT OF GOLDEN DEEDS AWARD — A local couple received the Souderton Lions Club's annual Golden Deeds Award Saturday evening, during the club's annual Christmas program held at the American Legion Home, Souderton. Honored jointly were Mr. and Mrs. Russell M. Hillegass, of 608 Harleysville pike, Souderton, both active for more than half a century in civic, church, and charitable organizations. 

HATFIELD WOMAN KILLED SATURDAY IN FREAK ACCIDENT — Chief Bruce Bailey, Montgomery Township Police, said Mrs. Nina Farina, 57, of Line Lexington pike, Hatfield Township, had been driving her car along Richardson road when she was forced to halt her car because of a branch from a tree which had fallen into the roadway. Mrs. Farina left her car and was in the process of removing the branch from the roadway when the tree itself gave way and fell on top of her.

CAR LANDS ON ROOF — Lower Salford Police came upon the vehicle, which was abandoned, on Landis road during the early morning hours of Friday. After checking their records, police found that the car was owned by Dorothy Wile, of Kulpsville. Upon questioning Mrs. Wile, she explained she had lost control of the vehicle while returning home after work. Following the accident, Mrs. Wile said she believed she was uninjured and walked the remainder of the way home. 


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