100 Years Ago

SCHOOL ATTENDANCE STRICTLY ENFORCED — Summoned before the Board of School Directors of Souderton, Monday, October 4th, to account for the absence of his son from school, since the beginning of the compulsory attendance period, September 20th, Frank Lederach of Hillside avenue, Souderton, at first made the plea that his son, Hiram, had been unfairly prevented from securing an employment certificate by Supervising Principal A. L. Gehman. When it had been explained that no employment certificates may legally be granted unless pupils have passed the Sixth Grade, and it was shown that the boy had failed to pass that Grade last June, the father asserted that the boy is physically unfit to return to school. The Board insisted that in that case a physician's certificate must be filed at school, stating the condition of the boy, and gave Mr. Lederach until Wednesday, October 6th, to secure such certificate as required by the School Code. 

TELFORD — Erwin Y. Detwiler is laying a cement pavement in front of his residence, on South Main street and Fairmont avenue ... J. G. Godshall, the shirt manufacturer, reports that he is very busy and is anxious to have more operators, and offers good wages to hands who know how to operate power machines.

WALTER B. SOUDER WEDS HATFIELD GIRL — The bride is a well known and popular lady of her home town. Mr. Souder is the son and only child of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Souder, of Souderton, and has for a number of years been in charge of the extensive cigar box manufacturing plant of his father. He is widely known, and his many friends extend to him and Mrs. Souder a most happy and prosperous wedded life. 

TOWN TOPICS — Elmer C. Freed is suffering with a carbuncle on his hand, which greatly inconveniences him in his work at the C. S. Freed restaurant ... The first football accident of any consequence reported here this season happened to Grant Peck, who suffered a laceration of the left eyebrow in a spill with another player in a practice game.

ATTEMPT SUICIDE WHILE ON VISIT TO SON'S HOME — Despondent because of domestic troubles, Edwin Z. Kriebel, 60 years old, of Oaks, stood in the yard of his son's home, on Columbia avenue, Lansdale, and drained the contents of a bottle of medicine containing a poison, which had been given him by a physician to take in small quantities every few hours. He was taken to the Grand View Hospital, Sellersville, by County Detective J. B. Stevenson, and will recover. 

50 Years Ago

FEDERAL PRISON ESCAPEE NABBED IN SOUDERTON — Souderton and Telford police nabbed a Federal Prison escapee Tuesday night, as he was in the act of trying to obtain a narcotic drug with a forged prescription blank.

Officers Kenneth Schatz, of Souderton, and Douglas Bickel, Telford, entered the front and back doors of Hunsicker's Pharmacy, W. Broad st., Souderton, at about 9:10 p.m., after being called by the proprietor, Emerson Hunsicker. 

They arrested Robert Samuel O'Brien, 31, of the 1900 Block of E. Oakdale st., Phila, who was waiting for the prescription to be filled ... O'Brien was later identified as an escapee from the Allenwood Federal Prison Camp, near Williamsport, where he had been serving a sentence for passing Federal checks stolen from the mail.

COUNCIL LEFT "IN THE DARK" AT OCT. MEETING — Souderton is going to have a nice borough hall when the remodeling is finished, but borough officials found out Monday night there would be occasional "disturbances" until the job is complete.

Just before the 7:30 starting time for Monday's meeting, councilmen found themselves "in the dark." ... With one building contractor, one electrical contractor, and several self-styled home handymen on council, they finally found the trouble about 20 minutes later. 

All went well until it was time to adjourn. The motion was made, seconded, and approved, and as the group rose to leave the room, the fuse blew again.

With the meeting over, they took the easy way out, and left the problem as it was, for the workers doing the remodeling to solve the next day.

E. L. BENNER, TELFORD TAX COLLECTOR, DIES — He was Telford tax collector for the past seven years, and was an active member of St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Telford, where he served as secretary of church council and teacher of the Adult Bible Class of the Sunday School ... He operated a mimeographing and office supply business at his home.

DUBLIN WOMAN FATALLY INJURED IN ACCIDENT — Police said that the woman's husband, Chester, was driving on Route 313, near Fountainville, when another car pulled out in front of the Hall vehicle. While attempting to avoid an accident with the car in front, Mrs. Hall was hurled from her vehicle and landed at the side of the road.

MONTGOMERY CO. SETS RECORD AT ANNAPOLIS — The 28 midshipmen from Pennsylvania's 13th Congressional District at the United States Naval Academy represent one of the largest contingents ever to attend Annapolis from a single district at one time, U.S. Representative Lawrence Coughlin disclosed today ... "As America's role in international affairs increases and grows more complicated, it is more important than ever that we stress the training of people — both military and civilian — for roles in accepting the challenging assignments facing us in tomorrow's world."   


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