100 Years Ago

SCHOOLS OPEN WITH RECORD ATTENDANCE — Since the first day, pupils have continued to enter and the total enrollment has now risen to 651 ... The new course of study of the State department was introduced, and an unusually good program of studies is this year offered to the students. College preparatory work is open to those who expect to enter college; Bookkeeping and Commercial Arithmetic may be taken by those expecting to go into business; Household Arts courses afford a practical training for girls; Music and Health Instruction are being given to all. 

AUTO STRIKES WOMAN WITH FATAL RESULTS — Mrs. Mary Catharine Barndt had left her residence, on the east side of North Main street, a short distance below Summit street, and it is supposed, intended visiting a friend, Mrs. Hannah Renner, who resides in the Barney Rubin house, on the opposite side of North Main street, about a square further up the street ... An auto driven by Rhine Seitz, son of Martin R. Seitz, proprietor of the Central House, Souderton, came along, going toward Reliance, and struck the woman, the results being a badly fractured skull, one leg bone in the calf being split, a hip dislocated, a knee cap broken besides a number of other bruises.

TELFORD — Frank Horning, one of the telegraph operators at the P. & R. depot, has erected two 50-foot poles in his lot back of Main street and installed a wireless apparatus, preparatory to the study of wireless telegraphy. 

TOWN TOPICS — The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Pennepacker are of the opinion that they enjoy traveling. They were to Detroit, Mich., and have now taken another trip to Jersey City, New York and Brooklyn. On the latter they were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. John Jones ... Perseverance Volunteer Fire Co., No. 1, will conduct an ice cream and peach festival, on the public school grounds on Saturday evening, September 18th. This will be another big affair, and those who want to help the firemen will have a splendid opportunity to do so at this time. Tickets are sold at 25 cents. You get ice cream and peaches — and a lot of fun.

BUYS CAR ONE DAY — STOLEN THE NEXT NIGHT — Mr. Brey bought the car, Saturday evening, in Doylestown and Sunday evening ran it to his home in Chalfont, where he stored it in his garage with his truck. When he went to get his car Monday morning he discovered it had been stolen.

50 Years Ago

BIG RED BAND PLANS NEW LOOK — A complete change in marching style is the latest innovative technique to be introduced by Souderton, which was one of the first bands in the area to use majorettes and the now-popular eight-to-five-step marching technique.

The Souderton Area High School Marching unit is in its fourth year of competition since its reorganization in 1966 under director Gregory E. Woodruff.

UPPER SALFORD RESIDENTS OBJECT TO FOLK FESTIVAL — More than 50 residents protested to the board of supervisors saying that the township "can do without the smoking of marijuana, use of LSD and the sex orgies" which reportedly transpired at the camp site ... Residents told the board that although the township realized $1,000 from the festival and the fire company made another $3,000 from a concession stand, it would be better for the township if it would raise the real estate millage to collect needed monies, currently aided by the festivals. 

BIG RED GRIDDERS HAVE EXPERIENCE ON OFFENSE, UNTESTED DEFENSIVE UNIT — The opener, a non-league confrontation with the Ghosts of Abington High School, will be played this Friday night, September 11 at 8 p.m. on the Souderton gridiron ... Last year Abington dealt the Big Red their only loss of the season by an 18-13 tally but Darrah felt that despite the loss the Big Red gained the necessary momentum which brought Souderton its first unbeaten league championship since the days of Elliot Ness and the Untouchables.

HOME DESTROYED IN SATURDAY BLAZE — All the members of the D'Ambrosio family were away from the house when the blaze broke out. The children were staying with relatives while D'Ambrosio's wife was giving birth to a child in a Philadelphia hospital.

D'Ambrosio was coming through Sellersville when the siren sounded and proceeded to follow the trucks out of Sellersville to his home. He did not know prior to arriving at his house that it was his house the trucks were racing toward. 

REP. BIESTER ANNOUNCES QUESTIONNAIRE RESULTS — "The results of my fourth annual questionnaire indicate that the residents of the 8th Congressional District (1) Support President Nixon's Vietnamization program, (2) rank air and water pollution as the top domestic spending priority and (3) favor a cut in federal spending and the establishment of wage and price controls to fight inflation," Congressman Edward G. Biester stated today. 


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