SOUDERTON — "Glad we have sun this morning," Jim Musselman said as he shoveled snow at his home on Penn Avenue in Souderton the morning of Thursday, Dec. 17.

The winter weather that had started with snow the previous afternoon and added sleet later in the evening, continued into the night, bringing with it four to eight inches of snow throughout the area.

"It was a pretty nasty snow, but because it fell mostly after the rush hour, it really wasn't that difficult to manage and one of the reasons it wasn't that difficult to manage is because our public works crew does such a good job," Souderton Borough Police Chief Jim Leary said.

"It fell fast. It fell hard. It accumulated quickly," Leary said of the snow.

The public works department had pre-treated the streets prior to the start of the snow, though, then plowed until after midnight to keep streets open, he said.

There was only one snow-related traffic accident in the borough and that one was "extremely minor," after a motorist slid off the road, Leary said.

Musselman said his family had no problem weathering the snow.

"My wife's a nurse, so she worked night shift last night, but she got home OK," Musselman said.

The snow was a little heavier and harder than he had expected, he said as he shoveled.

"I guess there's ice mixed in. It's sticking to the pavement," Musselman said.

"The snow had quite some weight to it. It was a load to shovel," Leary said.

Doug Long, who has lived at his home on Broad Street in Telford since 1984, said he had expected more snow this time.

This was only a little bit compared to some of the snowfalls in the past, he said.  

"This ain't nothing. It's just that we haven't had snow for a little while," Long said. "The last few years, we didn't have nothing."

The shoveling didn't bother him, he said.

"I need the exercise," Long said.


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