A man returning home about 12:30 p.m. Feb. 11 walked in the door and realized the home had been burglarized, then found the burglar was still in the home, Souderton Borough Police Department said.

The burglar tried to get away and the homeowner tried to stop him, resulting in a scuffle, police Chief James P. Leary said.

There were no weapons involved and the homeowner was not injured in the fight, police said.

The burglar escaped and was tracked by police officers and a police dog to a street, where the trail was lost, Leary said.

The burglary was at a home on Penn Avenue near Lawn Avenue, he said. An inventory of what was taken is still being completed, he said.

The homeowner, who was “a fantastic witness” described the burglar as a black or Hispanic male, about 6 feet tall, with a medium but muscular build, and a little bit of a moustache, Leary said.

“He was wearing a matching gray hooded sweatshirt with sweatpants,” Leary said. “He might be in his late 20s.”

Clues were also found at the scene, he said.

“We have footprints in the snow and we have some physical evidence inside the house,” Leary said.

That daytime home burglary was the second of two reported in the borough in a little more than a week.

On Feb. 2, a Garfield Avenue home near School Lane was hit, police said.

In that case, the burglary happened between 1 and 3 p.m., police said.

The homeowner came home about 3:30 and saw that a window had been broken and the home was lightly ransacked, police said.

“Several items were missing, “ Leary said.

Police are not at this time releasing specific information about what was taken, but it was “routine household items,” he said.

As in the other burglary, there was snow on the ground and there are clues left behind, he said.

“We have footprints and physical evidence that we’re processing and we’re checking the area for video surveillance,” Leary said.

Although both were daytime home burglaries, it does not appear both were done by the same person, he said.

“The method of entry and the footprints indicate it may be two different people,” Leary said.

At the Garfield Avenue home, a window was broken to gain entry, he said. At the Penn Avenue one, entry was through a side door, he said.

The Souderton department is also checking with other local departments to see if there appears to be a connection to other recent daytime home burglaries in the area, Leary said.

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