100 Years Ago

MOTHER PASSES AWAY AFTER FINDING SON DEAD — The shock of finding her son, Frank, dead upon returning from the grocer's last Friday, proved fatal to Mrs. Thomas Sams, of No. 169 Front street, Norristown, and when her husband heard of the double tragedy he swooned at his work at the Ivy Rock steel plant and had to be treated by a doctor ... When his mother went into the house she thought he was ill, and handed him a glass of water. When she realized he was dead she exclaimed, "This will kill me," sank into a chair and died.

LESS WOMEN THAN MEN SUICIDES DURING 1920 — During the year 2,604 women died through self-destruction, a large increase over the preceding year. The increased percentage among women was ascribed to their entry in commercial and political life. Unhappy domestic relations and living conditions also were large contributing factors.

TELFORD — Hiram H. Cressman, while cranking his automobile, on Saturday, had his right arm bone split by the backfire ... Israel Ruth, of near town, who was injured by escaping steam in J. K. Landis & Son's cheese factory, at Souderton, is getting along nicely.

TOWN TOPICS — Constant complaint has been entered in regard to the practice of throwing articles of various kinds into the creek which passes through the center of town. This has been especially noticeable from Main street to Wile avenue and unless this nuisance is stopped immediately, action will be taken by Borough Council. Several parties are ready to bear witness against the offenders. But it is Council's intention to give them an opportunity to stop the practice, but this notice shall serve as a last appeal. Guilty parties will save costs and inconvenience by complying with the request to keep all foreign matter out of this creek.

KELLER'S CHURCH — The Tohickon Dairymen's Association have housed this year's supply of ice, ranging in thickness from five to seven inches ... H. R. Trauger had an accident on Thursday afternoon. While splitting wood, the handle coming in contact with other wood alongside, which misdirected the blow and cut the index finger of his right hand, between the first and second joints, with but a small particle of skin on the side. He was taken to Grand View Hospital, Sellersville, where the member was sewed and at this writing it is hoped by the doctors that they will be able to save the member from amputation. 

50 Years Ago

NEW POLICE CAR PLANNED FOR TELFORD — The offer of the Warren Royer American Legion Post of Souderton to help pay for a resuscitator for the police car was accepted by the borough. The Legion offered to pay $250 toward the purchase of the resuscitator, which costs $425. Council will pay the other $175. An identical offer was made to Souderton Borough Council. 

OVER 300 ATTEND ANNUAL CHARITY BALL —  More than 300 persons turned out for the 12th annual Grand View Hospital Charity Ball, held Saturday evening at the Indian Valley Country Club, Telford RD ... Proceeds of the affair, sponsored by the Service League of the hospital, go towards the League's pledge of $15,000 which recently made possible the 11-bed post-operative recovery room in the addition to the facility ... Four girls from Souderton Area High School served as coat check girls for the evening, contributing all their tips to the hospital. They were Rhonda Landes, Denise Kuhn, Pam Parvin, and Laurie Day.

ELEMENTARY STUDENTS TO BE OFFERED RUBELLA INNOCULATIONS — Mrs. Anthony Cipriano, chairman of the health committee of the Indian Valley Jr. Woman's Club, has announced that Rubella Innoculations will be made available to all Souderton Area elementary school children on Thursday, February 25, beginning with the E.M.C. School.  

STIFF PENALTIES TO BE GIVEN IN BOMB THREATS — The Montgomery Juvenile Court has announced that it will make sentences in correctional institutions mandatory for all individuals directly involved in bomb scare calls ... At present, 16 Lansdale area youngsters are awaiting hearings on bomb scare charges ... Recent calls have forced the entire NP school system to empty the student population of 10,400 which always creates serious transportation problems, as well as loss of money and instruction time.

SPEAKER BLASTS CONTROL OF POPULATION — Lt. Col. Jack Mohr (U. S. Army, Ret.), an authority on psychological warfare and Communist "brainwashing" techniques will discuss federal proposals for population control in a public lecture at Kulpsville on February 6. His talk, entitled "People Control — Why Washington Promotes Abortion," will be held at the Towamencin Fire House, Kulpsville, at 8 p.m., under the sponsorship of the Bux-Mont Committee of the National Movement to Restore Decency (MOTOREDE).   


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