Parking issues dominated the Feb. 3 borough council meeting with some complaints and some resolutions.

Among the resolutions: Council agreed to proceed with an ordinance prohibiting parking 30 feet from the intersection of West Summit Avenue and Main Street.

“Vehicles are parking too close to the corner,” borough Manager Mark Fournier said. It is difficult for vehicles to turn when other vehicles are parked so close to the stop sign.

And, the complaints: Residents of Grundy Manor are still concerned about parking on Washington Avenue. Resident Christine Benson said that there are several Grundy Manor residents who take up too much space when they park and take up an area equivalent to one or two spaces.

Previously, Benson asked for angled spaces to be drawn, which Telford Borough Police Chief Randall Floyd said wouldn’t be feasible. Now Benson is requesting regular street parking, with lines drawn to designate specific parking spaces.

“We really do need those lines,” Benson said. “People don’t know how to park.”

Fournier said typical parking spots need to measure 10-feet by 20-feet.

“If we add spaces, we might have less parking,” he said. “We’ll do some checking in with the Chief and look into it.”

Council member Miles Arnott announced that he is running as the Republican candidate as a representative in the general assembly for the 53rd District. The district encompasses the Montgomery County portion of Telford, Souderton, Franconia Township, Hatfield, Lansdale, and Salford Township.

Arnott has served on borough council since 2017, and previously as a member of the borough’s Zoning Hearing Board. He will continue his duties on council, he said.

Telford Fire Company President Jerry Guretse informed council members that in 2019, the department answered 312 calls, and firefighters spent 3,450 hours training. He said that on average, it took 12.1 guys of manpower per call, and it took an average of 4.85 minutes for the firefighters to get to their destination from when they received the call from dispatch.

Council members approved Souderton Area Baseball League’s request to hold a parade on Crest Avenue and Fourth Street, and walking to the VFW fields. The parade will take place on April 25, and replaces the traditional opening day ceremonies held at Souderton Area High School.

“The kids will really appreciate it.” said Rick Garrison, director of the league. “It’s a half mile, and it’s an awesome thing for the kids.”

The next council meeting will be March 2.

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