Parents: Working from 9-5 pm may make you feel uneasy about leaving your teens at home. North Light is making space for high school students in need of a supportive environment to complete their online class work with adequate lighting, room to stretch out and have lunch pro- vided by the sc…

A look back at the IHM CYO Cross-Country team in action in 2019 at the Belmont Plateau course. With CYO sports being shelved because of the pandemic, many students will miss out on the challenges of tackling the Belmont Plateau hills this fall.

The 21st Ward Veteran’s Association recently held their annual tribute to the victims of 9/11 and to honor the heroic efforts of first responders on that tragic day in 2001. This year’s event was held outside of the 5th District police headquarters at Ridge and Cinnaminson.

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If we’ve “turned the corner” in the COVID-19 pandemic, as has been asserted, then we need to replace the GPS because we’re headed on a dreadful road scarred with horrific items like 23,000 to 47,000 Montgomery County households at “serious risk” of homelessness due to the crisis.

As the world wrestles with both treating current patients while racing to find a cure for COVID-19, biologists worldwide are focusing their attention on an unlikely COVID connection: bats. Long misunderstood, feared, and underappreciated, bats just might be patient zero for the virus-- scien…

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LOWER MORELAND -- Due to new guidance from the PA Department of Education, Lower Moreland Township School District plans to start the year offering only virtual and hybrid instruction, after originally offering a fully in-person option.

A look at life in Roxborough, East Falls, Wissahickon and Manyunk through the prism of Facebook photos. 

 Lately I’ve been reading a lot in newspapers and magazines about Artificial Intelligence. The name refers to computers and such machines that duplicate the thinking process of real intelligence, which is done by the human brain.